Alonso labels Ocon “very immature” after the Frenchman blames him for F1 shootout crash

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Co-author: Daniel Mora

The needle between Esteban Ocon and Fernando Alonso resumed at Interlagos on Saturday.

12 months on from their multiple clashes in the sprint as Alpine teammates, the pair came together once again, this time in the shootout.

With Alonso going slowly after completing a lap, he pulled off the racing line out of turn 2 to let Ocon through. However, Ocon had a snap of oversteer. Just as he was getting the car back under control, he ended up clouting into Alonso.

An onboard from the Spaniard showed him steering to the left as he was presumably getting ready to return to the racing line once Ocon passed, but it has to be said there was still enough room for the French driver to make his way by quite comfortably without his huge moment.

The Alpine ended up in the barriers. The Aston Martin was too damaged to participate in SSQ2.

Ocon immediately pinned the blame on Alonso in his post-shootout interview.

“We found Fernando in the way. I heard people saying I lost the car, it’s not true. We had corrections like that throughout the whole paddock, even on Lando’s quickest lap he had a correction there and ran wide like this.

“Fernando steered to the left in the middle of the corner and didn’t leave enough space and we collided. But in the end it doesn’t matter about that, that’s something that happened, obviously we will now go on and focus on the race.”

The 2021 Hungarian GP winner doubled down when asked what Alonso was saying in the stewards room.

“He was trying to counteract all the arguments, saying he left enough space but reality is if Fernando is not there on the right we don’t collide.

Alonso was asked about Ocon’s comments by Spanish media post-sprint and responded with some sharp criticism of the Frenchman.

“Yes, I heard what that guy said [laughs]. He is still very immature and hasn’t changed they way he looks at some things.

“Anyway, there are also some things that never change… he started behind me, like last year, and ended behind me, like last year. So everything is still normal.”

The two-time World Champion also had a close moment on lap 13 with Pierre Gasly on the run up to turn 6. As they battled side-by-side for P11, the French driver didn’t leave Alonso much room as the Aston driver tried to go around the outside.

Once again, Alonso couldn’t resist an opportunity to have a shot at an Alpine driver.

“Every time there is an Alpine we must be extra careful. But, we made contact entering turn 6, they must think that our car is narrower than it is.”

Photo credit: Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant F1 Team