Alonso “leading by example from morning to night” at Aston Martin F1 — Krack

Photo credit: Aston Martin Aramco F1 Team
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Mike Krack, team principal at Aston Martin, has high praise for Fernando Alonso, describing him as an “old fox” who contributes significantly more than just his renowned speed on track. At 42, Alonso is in his second season with the team, having replaced another F1 World Champion, Sebastian Vettel, at the beginning of 2023.

Krack highlights Alonso’s remarkable ability to motivate and push the team forward in all aspects of the sport.

“He brings this extra to the team, driving and pushing and motivating everybody. And leading by example, from the first moment in the morning to late at night, which is exemplary,” Krack says.
This energy, according to Krack, is something the team values deeply and seeks to preserve.

A particular instance at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix showcases Alonso’s strategic mind. The 42-year-old, who was maximising his performance on hard tyres while keeping George Russell at bay, queried about a “Plan B” to try and keep everyone — including his own team — on their toes.

Krack elaborates, “He asked for the Plan B, basically. ‘Is there a Plan B?’ Fernando is always teasing you, you have to be careful if he’s really honest about it, because he knows all the strategies before, he knows where all the field is. And sometimes he maybe does it even on purpose, because he knows the competitors are listening.”

The Luxembourger also commends Alonso’s tactical prowess in managing the gap to Russell throughout the hard stint as they fought for P5, preventing him from getting DRS by fine margins.

“It was quite strong. We knew George was behind, he had good speed, and we did not want to let him into the DRS. So, it was all the time between 1.5 and 1.0 seconds in between them,” he explains. This level of control, Krack suggests, is unmatched and exemplifies Alonso’s exceptional skill and awareness on the track.

As Aston Martin looks to the future, securing Alonso for 2025 remains a top priority. Despite Alonso weighing up his options, Krack is hopeful, emphasising the importance of providing the Spaniard with a competitive car.
“It’s not a secret that he first of all wants to decide for himself what he wants to do. And I also said that the most important thing is that we give him a quick car. So that he believes in this project, and that he believes in this team, and everything else we will have to discuss over the weeks to come,” Krack states.

Alonso’s blend of experience, strategic acumen, and leadership marks him as an invaluable asset to Aston Martin, with the team eager to continue their collaboration into the future.