Alonso’s praises Stroll’s unwavering “dedication, motivation and commitment” during 2023 F1 season

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Young drivers are taking over the top category of motorsport. With more and more drivers entering the grid at such a young age, teams are beginning to realise the importance of recruiting drivers who show a high level of talent in the youth categories.


Currently, the youngest driver on the grid is Oscar Piastri, born on April 6th, 2001, the Australian driver is 22 years old. The next on the list is Yuki Tsunoda, who is 23 years old, born on May 11th, 2000. For his part, the current world champions who continue to drive in the category are Fernando Alonso (42 years old), Lewis Hamilton (38 years old) and Max Verstappen (26 years old). Between the three of them they have a total of 12 world championships, but it is no secret that their time in Formula 1 isn’t eternal.


The World Champion of the 2005 and 2006 seasons, Fernando Alonso, has commented on the importance and situation of the category with the arrival of these drivers. This is what the Asturian driver has commented.

“It is important because I see a lot of drivers now with this passion that I had when I was young. They’re just lacking a little bit of knowledge of how this world works.

“To see this F4, F3, F2 guys with so much talent and preparation now, they have these simulators at home, they have this young driver academies in F1 teams, etc. They just need some guidance, directions and that will help them long-term, into the motorsport world.


“I’m happy to do it [work with young drivers] and I feel this satisfaction on everyone that we are in the project.”


Even though his teammate is not the youngest driver on the Formula 1 grid, the Asturian driver spent much of the 2023 season teaching him some tricks and driving advice that only experience has given the two-time world champion.

Although we do not have exact details about what he has taught the Canadian, we were able to hear how, for example, Alonso was aware of his teammate’s race during the Miami Grand Prix, as he praised on the radio an overtake by Stroll in turn 1.

Photo Credit: Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula One Team

Another example of that was during the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, where Alonso commented on his radio “Tell Lance my brake balance suggestion as I am now. I think it’s a good help”.

It is that type of help that Alonso has been giving to Lance Stroll, so a strengthened relationship both on the track and off of it will be the one that has positive effects within Aston Martin.


“It has been very good. I think we have a very unique relationship. I think in any team that I was working for and in any time that I know in the current paddock, we would talk a lot, we are in contact in the telephone, at the factory, at the races and we try to make sure that we are all in the same direction.

“He’s been through some difficulties this year, the car was changing its behavior a little bit and he was struggling a little bit more than me. We fixed some things in the car and he was back to the top 4.

“It was impressive to see his dedication, and his motivation in the highest and in the lowest. At the beginning of the year. He was so determined to put things back in place again, and eventually he did after Mexico. This was a surprise for me, to see his commitment and the level of motivation that he has. This is only good news and good things for the team.”