Alonso: We need to “take many lessons” following “frustrating” and “anonymous” race at F1 Italian GP

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After a successful result with a P2 at Zandvoort, Fernando Alonso and Aston Martin struggled mightily at the Italian GP, resulting in one of their worst performances of the season on raw pace.

The veteran, who barely managed to get into the points with a P9 at Monza, noted that they have many lessons to learn afterwards and many things to understand after such a result.

“Obviously many, many lessons we need to take from this race. We were not competitive, so that’s the main focus for us, to try to understand in this type of circuit what we need to do differently into the future, also next year when we come here.

“Race-wise there is not much to talk about, we were slow from the beginning to the end, and it was not possible to fight better than ninth.

“So we take these points, but hopefully many lessons.”

Alonso admitted feeling very frustrated, saying it was a physically and mentally exhausting race and that the car had very little grip.

“It is frustrating because it was a very demanding race mentally and physically to drive the car that was, with very low grip, very tricky to drive. So for me one of the most difficult races of the year.

“And it’s the worst result, so it’s going to be an anonymous race and no one will remember this. But I will do it in my head, because it has been a tough one.

“But as I said, hopefully good lessons that we take from here on the car or the data that we have from the race, and we get better next time.”

Photo credit: Aston Martin F1

The driver of car number 14 on the grid spoke about the AMR23 and the struggles the car is facing in regards to efficiency and straight-line speed. Early on in the season, Aston were regularly the second or third fastest, but they were not even in the top 5 teams at Monza.

“I think the car and the efficiency of the car maybe is not as good as it should be in this type of track where the drag level is very important, and it seems that has been our weakness. We know that. Now we need to get better, and bring some ideas.”

Despite not having achieved the desired results, Feranando Alonso broke through another barrier at the Italian GP, achieving more than 20,000 laps driven in Formula 1.