Barnard on his Formula E debut for Neom McLaren “I had about 20 minutes to prepare”

Photo Credit: Neom McLaren
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Rookie driver Taylor Barnard was suddenly in the spotlight at the recent Formula E race in Monaco, stepping in for the injured Sam Bird. With limited time to prepare, Barnard shared his experience with Pit Debrief after finishing 14th in the race.

Describing the moment he learned he would be racing, Barnard said, “I had about 20 minutes to prepare, so I just had to throw my suit on.”

He expressed his best wishes for Bird’s speedy recovery, acknowledging the daunting task of stepping into a race at such short notice. “Obviously, it was difficult—different car, different track,” Barnard added, highlighting the challenges he faced transitioning to Formula E’s unique demands.

Although not his first time racing in Monaco, he noted significant differences between his previous experiences and Formula E, particularly the intensity of the series: “Definitely the style of racing.”

Photo credits: Formula E | Sam Bagnall

“There’s a lot more chaos going on here, and there are a lot more overtakes totally in the race,” he observed. While the qualifying process was similar, adapting to a different style of racing was essential.

“You just have to adapt to the different driving style, but the race was definitely much different, and I think I adapted well,” he said.

Looking ahead, the prospect of racing in Berlin looms large for Barnard, who remains uncertain about his participation. “More prepared than before, that’s for sure,” he noted, adding that the newness of the Berlin track for all drivers could level the playing field somewhat.

Barnard’s unexpected debut may mark the beginning of a promising career in this high-stakes electric motorsport arena. Whether he will race again in Berlin remains to be seen, but one thing is clear: Taylor Barnard is a driver to watch.