Bottas: Alfa Romeo will get a “pretty good answer” on updates at the Spanish GP

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It’s a big weekend for Alfa Romeo as they attempt to make a gain in the 2023 F1 season.

In Monaco last weekend, the Swiss-based squad brought a raft of updates to the C43. Changes were made to the engine cover, floor body, floor edge and rear suspension in an attempt to move up the midfield pack.

Speaking today in Barcelona, Valtteri Bottas expects some answers to how they are truly working at a permanent track.

“Exactly, I think that’s probably the most interesting part [returning to a more normal venue], being back really seeing on this kind of track how is the performance.

“You get a pretty good answer here, like where you are in the pack. Not so easy to judge the improvements we had in Monaco.”

Bottas went on to explain that the updates weren’t exactly suited to Monaco because the improvements are mainly in high speed. It will be a great opportunity to see if they’re working this weekend due to the nature of the Circuit de Catalunya.

“I think I said there as well that with the new package, the improvements, they are a bit more in higher speed. Now we have plenty of high speed corners so we’ll see.”

The 10-time Grand Prix winner confirmed that no sacrifices had to be made with this update and it’s all about adding downforce to the car.

“No, it’s pretty straightforward. It’s just more downforce but more in the medium to high speed range. Slow speed, there’s no sacrifice. In theory, it should be the same as before.

“Maybe the car ride height operates in a bit different window to before, but we’re talking about a couple of millimeters.”

Heading into the Spanish Grand Prix, Alfa Romeo sit P8 in the Constructors’ Championship on 6 points. Bottas and Guanyu are P14 and P15 in the Drivers’ standings respectively.

The Finn is disappointed at where they sit right now, but he remains hopeful that things can improve as the season goes on if they can add a little bit of performance to the car considering how close the midfield is.

“Definitely we’re not where we want to be. I’m not having the results that I want to be getting because of course, the goal for us this year was to make a step up and be better. That’s not been the case.

“So this is the situation now and we’re obviously trying to work away from this situation and be better. But that will take a bit of time. So no doubt it’s going to be a challenging season.

“But the good thing is that we already have things in the pipeline. Physically, we know that there’s stuff coming that can help us.

“It is close. That’s a good thing, because with two tenths of a gain per lap, you can actually make quite a big difference nowadays.”

Photo credit: Alfa Romeo