David Sanchez leaves McLaren F1 after just 3 months with the team

Photo Credit: McLaren Racing
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McLaren has unveiled a series of organisational changes within its racing team. Among these updates is the departure of David Sanchez, who joined McLaren from Ferrari in January but found his role misaligned with expectations.

McLaren’s technical restructuring includes key appointments and adjustments aimed at optimizing the team’s performance on the F1 grid. Rob Marshall is appointed as Chief Designer, Neil Houldey transitions to the role of Technical Director – Engineering, Peter Prodromou retains his position as Technical Director – Aerodynamics, the Concept and Performance department undergoes streamlining, to be led by the technical director of performance. Andrea Stella takes on this role temporarily until a permanent appointment is finalized.

As part of these changes, David Sanchez has parted ways with the team. Andrea Stella, Team Principal of McLaren F1, emphasized the team’s commitment to enhancing technical capabilities and workflows for greater efficiency and effectiveness. Regarding Sanchez’s departure, Stella stated, “Following thoughtful discussions between David Sanchez and the Team Leadership, the mutual decision has been taken for David to leave the team. Upon our joint reflection, it became apparent that the role, responsibilities, and ambitions associated with David’s position did not align with our original expectations when he agreed to join us in February 2023.”

Sanchez, expressing gratitude for his time with McLaren, acknowledged the disparity between the envisioned role and its reality. “I am grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of this team,” he shared.  

“While the role we envisioned and had agreed to was not aligned with the reality of the position I found, I leave with respect for the leadership, admiration for the dedication of my colleagues, and appreciation for the openness and honesty in which we discussed and arrived at this decision.

Both parties parted ways amicably officially, with Sanchez extending his well wishes to McLaren as they continue their journey to the forefront of Formula 1. He expressed anticipation for his next challenge within the F1 sphere.

However, according to a source, Sanchez’s very short time at McLaren was because of his failure to be flexible and fit into how things worked at the Woking-based squad. The French engineer expected more freedom and power in his role as technical director for car concept and performance, like he did at Ferrari under Mattia Binotto.

That’s what ultimately led to his very quick departure.