Decision to come on Thursday over Haas’ right of review in regards to F1 US GP track limits saga

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Aside from the big plank story that saw both Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc get disqualified from the United States Grand Prix last month, the continuing track limits saga has rolled into November.

During the Brazil GP weekend, it was reported that Haas would be trying to appeal the results as they feel Logan Sargeant, Alex Albon, Lance Stroll and Sergio Perez all breached track limits on numerous occasions and should be given a number of penalties each.

Haas team boss Guenther Steiner explained post-race in Brazil why the team requested a right of review.

“It’s just a review. There’s a regulation in place. I mean, in the end, if the stewards didn’t have the information, obviously they couldn’t take action. I fully understand that.

“But there is information, and now we’ll see what the FIA does, once they get the information. I think they need to take action, because otherwise we make rules and then don’t do anything about it. That’s my opinion.

“Okay, I fully respect if they didn’t see the pictures, how can they rule this for sure? But now we have clear evidence of it.

“We just want to bring the case up, because otherwise we need to change the rules. I’m not a big fan of track limits, to be honest.”

Although Haas could gain 4 points from it should the appeal be successful, they would remain P10 in the Constructors’ Championship.

For Steiner, the application of the rules is what matters and why they’ve requested a right of review.

“I don’t think the penalty will make a difference to us where we are, at the moment.

“But in the end, we just need to go by the rules, we cannot sometimes apply the rule, and sometimes not. It’s not by choice, a rule is there, and if you need to change the rule, let’s discuss it, if you need to change track limits, discuss it.

“But not if it is written that it is four times you get five seconds and any consequent [offences] you get another five seconds, that’s what we should be doing. Like we did before. It’s not that we’re inventing something new.”

“We will make the case if we can make the case because they should hear it, because there is new evidence. So we will make the case when we get to it.”

On Wednesday afternoon after the first meeting took place over it , the FIA confirmed they would be reconvening tomorrow to make a decision on whether the new evidence is sufficient for the right of review to be successful.

Photo credit: MoneyGram Haas F1 Team