“Disappointing to end the way it did” as “we were extremely quick” in F1 Canadian GP — Sargeant

Photo Credit: Williams Racing
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After a challenging Canadian Grand Prix, Logan Sargeant of Williams Racing shared insights into the race that saw him unable to finish as he crashed out at turn 4 on lap 25. 

Reflecting on the incident, Sargeant admitted uncertainty about the precise cause of his crash. He took quite a bit of kerb at turn 4, losing the rear and hitting the wall on the outside of the corner.

“Honestly, not sure. I still need to look back at the mistake. But, just lost the rear extremely quickly and couldn’t save it. So yeah, that’s about all I know,” the American driver said. 

Describing the track conditions, Sargeant noted the significant challenges presented by the weather.

The Floridian had locked up at turn 6 and dropped to the back of the field earlier in the race. He also had a brief run through the run off at turns 1 and 2 before his crash.

“Yeah, it was extremely difficult, especially at the start of the race with the amount of standing water,” he explained. 

Photo Credit: Williams Racing

“Quite a lot of aquaplaning going on, so trying to manage that. Quite easy just to make small mistakes, one that was extremely costly.

“So yeah, tricky, low grip, difficult to manage. But yeah, I didn’t do a good enough job of it.” 

Despite the setback, Sargeant had positive remarks about the performance of his car and his pace in the conditions until he made his big error.

“I think when we were going and doing clean laps, we were extremely quick. So yeah, it’s disappointing to end the way it did,” the 23-year-old concluded.