Domenicali: “Too premature to consider” a new tyre war in F1

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F1 has extended their exclusive tyre contract with Pirelli, taking the partership further into the future, lasting until at least 2028. This most recent contract eliminated the opportunity Bridgestone had to potentially bring a tyre war back into F1.

The most recent tyre war did not end well, as the 2005 United States Grand Prix would be case 1 of it. Michelin couldn’t guarantee the integrity of their tyres on the banking at turn 13 and only 6 drivers raced that day.

F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali took the time to explain that it was more than avoiding a war between Bridgeston and Pirelli, but that costs have to be controlled and research would be lost.

Photo credit: FIA

“I think that point was taken together with the FIA to make sure that we were able to control the costs of the ecosystem of F1.

“That was the main reason that we moved from the tyre competition, when we had a lot of testing, where we had a lot of mileage, and where there was a lot of research, that was really beneficial. But the cost was really massive.

“Therefore, that was the reason we moved from that direction into the new situation. It is too premature to consider that this could be a possibility for the future.”

When discussing a potential dual-supplier scenario, Domenicali was straight forward in saying that it is not on the agenda for anyone in F1, especially with the teams. This would explain the contract extension with Pirelli.

“In terms of an actual situation where the cost control is very relevant, I would say we haven’t decided for sure, but it’s not yet on the agenda to see if this could be a possibility in the future.

“But it’s a point of relevancy, because in the future if you’re able to control with different mechanisms, the cost, why not?

“But so far it’s not on the agenda of the discussion together with the FIA, and with the teams.”