F1 Academy docuseries will launch globally on Netflix in 2025, produced by Hello Sunshine

Photo Credit: F1 Academy
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Another huge step to make the all-female racing series more visible is being taken right now, with the breaking news of an “adrenaline-fueled” docuseries about F1 Academy currently being in production. According to the press release, it will give fans exclusive, behind-the-scenes content, along with highlighting the drama of the races, personal stories of the drivers, teams, and sponsors.

Launching on Netflix in 2025, it will join the popular show Formula 1: Drive to Survive, giving fans the unique opportunity to get to know the drivers, their dreams, high stakes and more. Viewing the athletes as humans and being able to relate to them is a part of the appeal of any sport, and then it’s easier to make favorites, root for someone and just watch the whole thing.

And that’s exactly the goal of F1 Academy — getting more recognition and fan engagement, being able to support young talented female drivers thanks to it.

Susie Wolff, the Managing Director and an important face of F1 Academy, commented: “We want to be the rocket fuel that drives female participation in our sport, both on and off the track. To have the F1 Academy docuseries launch globally with Netflix is not just a huge step forward in visibility for our mission, but also a resounding statement about the momentum and demand for women’s sport. We want to inspire and empower the next generation of young women, and Netflix will open up F1 Academy to a global audience of existing and future fans.”

Along with all this, F1 Academy’s 2024 season is being broadcasted in more than 160 territories and steamed live on F1TV, Sky Sports but also free platforms YouTube and X, giving the chance to watch Qualifying and Races to anyone globally.

Hello Sunshine, producing the docuseries, is a multichannel media company, aligning with F1 Academy’s values and goals.

“We started Hello Sunshine to change the narrative for women, and Susie Wolff and F1 Academy are doing just that by creating new opportunities in the thrilling world of motorsport. As these dynamic and fearless drivers break barriers behind the wheel, we are excited to partner with Netflix to tell the stories of these powerhouse leaders. What we know is that when we put women at the center, people show up to watch,” said Reese Witherspoon, founder of Hello Sunshine.

With this amazing news coming in the middle of a race weekend for F1 Academy, it’ll be even more interesting how the Qualifying in Miami will play out and who’ll be standing on that podium for Race 1 and Race 2. And, most importantly — will we see some drama worthy of getting into the docuseries?