“F1 is not entertainment”: a harsh attack on Liberty and FIA by former MotoGP champion Casey Stoner

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Photo: Pirelli Media

It was a chaotic Australian Grand Prix, full of twists and controversial episodes, that took place in Melbourne. A race and in which, in managing the situations that have arisen, the race direction gave the idea of ​​wanting to research the show in every way.

In fact, FIA ​stewards have managed incidents with the safety car and red flags (and subsequent “standing starts”) which, in the past, have always been managed with yellow flags and safety car. A management that, in addition to jeopardising safety and causing accidents, has damaged the meritocracy of the sport.

In doing so, there was a competition, as mentioned, with three standing starts, aimed at creating an artificial reshuffling of the values ​​in the field and at creating a “Netflix effect” that is so appreciated by the new fans so dear to Stefano Domenicali and his staff.

An entertainment so dear to the men of Liberty Media (that they are also trying to increase with a massive introduction of sprint races in the following season), necessary to guarantee large revenues, necessary for the survival of the category and teams. An excessive entertainment that was criticized by former MotoGP world champion Casey Stoner via his Twitter profile.

“FIA you have embarrassed yourselves today with Formula One. What an unnecessary mess. Please remember everyone, this is a sport first and entertainment second, not the other way around.”

A harsh comment, but undoubtedly authoritative since it comes from a man who understands sport and motorsport and who, as mentioned, launches an attack on the FIA ​​(for the management of the race) and on Liberty Media for the now excessive desire to transform Formula One into entertainment for the average public, not taking into account the tradition and tastes of true enthusiasts, a true inseparable part of the audience.