F3 | Imola GP | Feature Race | Sami Meguetounif takes his first Feature Race win

Photo Credit: Formula 3
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After yesterday’s FIA F3 Sprint Race saw the chequered flag, Noel León of Van Amersfoort Racing, the winner of the Sprint Race, was under investigation for weaving between Turn 17 and Turn 18 on the Safety Car restart.

P2 and P3 finishers, Oliver Goethe and Tim Tramnitz, were handed 5-second penalties, which were later rescinded. However, León did get a 5-second penalty for weaving, thereby costing him the Sprint win.

The final podium for yesterday’s race then becomes Goethe of Campos Racing taking the win; Tramnitz of MP Motorsport comes home to take second, while León has to make do with a P3 finish.

Santiago Ramos of Trident starts the FIA F3 Imola Feature Race on pole. Trident locks out the first three positions with Fornaroli and Meguetounif starting P2 and P3 respectively.

Lights are out and we go racing!

Ramos leads the pack into Turn 1, and the three Tridents maintain their positions. Browning increases the pressure on Beganovic. A clean opening lap for the Feature Race; while Fornaroli is chasing Ramos on home ground, as they drop Meguetounif outside of DRS range.

Fornaroli sweeps around the outside and takes the lead from Ramos, while behind Browning takes P6 from Beganovic!

Luke Browning and Dino Beganovic exchanging positions in a delightful wheel-to-wheel action, on Lap 7 Browning is back to P7.

Goethe, our winner of yesterday’s Sprint Race has overtaken Meguetounif and is P3 on Lap 4. Oliver Goethe overtakes Santiago Ramos on Lap 5, and on Lap 6 is the leader of the Feature Race, while Fornaroli falls to P5 after an engine cut.

León and Tramnitz go wheel-to-wheel and Leon pushes Tramnitz off track, he comes back out P11, while León himself is P9. Noel Leon receives a 10-second penalty for pushing Tramnitz off the road.

Brief yellow flag on Lap 8 as Tommy Smith finds his way through the gravel after spinning, attempting to catch the rear-end.

Fornaroli is P5 while Lindblad has made his way up to P4. On Lap 10, Fornaroli takes the position from Lindblad. In front, Ramos has dropped from Oliver Goethe over the DRS Range, over the coveted second. Ramos’ tyres are gone; he is struggling as he falls to P3, behind his teammate Meguetounif

Lindblad seems to be struggling, as he loses his P5 to Luke Browning and comes under pressure from Beganovic.

Nikita Bedrin has a right-rear puncture as he goes off-road. The incident between Berdin and Shields in under investigation by Race Control.

Leonardo Fornaroli takes P3 from his teammate Ramos. Behind, Luke Browning sees an opportunity, waiting for the straight as makes a pass on Ramos for P4.

Alex Dunne is already P20, gaining ten places in the Feature Race. Floersch is making her way too, P15 on Lap 15. Gabriele Minì is on a charge, as he overtakes a struggling Arvid Lindblad.

Up ahead, Sami Meguetounif is putting pressure on the race leader. Meguetounif has taken care of his front tyres, and it is evident in the way he is driving. Sami Meguetounif has taken the race lead on Lap 18, while Minì makes his way past Ramos.

Fornaroli is chasing Oliver Goethe for P2 on Lap 19, as Meguetounif breaks away from the DRS Range from the two fighting behind him. Despite the chase, Fornaroli is unable to take P2 from Goethe.

Stenshorne takes a 10-second penalty for pushing a driver off-track, promoting Sebastián Montoya of Campos Racing into the final point-scoring position. The incident between Berdin and Vision is also under investigation.

Sami Meguetounif, of the Italian Trident team, takes the Feature Race win!

Oliver Goethe and Leo Fornaroli complete the podium of FIA F3 Imola Feature Race.