Ferrari: Low downforce configuration and “new” sidepods are coming for Baku

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Photo Credit: Scuderia Ferrari Media

After the bad beginning of the season, Ferrari’s development work on the SF-23 continues in view of the Azerbaijan GP.

For Baku, according to some rumors, some adaptations to the track are planned but also some small changes to return at least ahead of Mercedes and Aston Martin.

The Scuderia Ferrari is living a difficult first part of the season, far from expectations. Although it was the logical evolution of last year’s excellent car, in fact, the SF-23, produced by the italian team was unable to replicate the good results of the F1-75, but turned out to be slow and problematic.

According to what has been said, therefore, in the first races of the championship, Ferrari has collected only a few points, both due to poor performance of the car and due to the various episodes (as happened in Australia), not always favourable, which occurred.

A situation which, for sure, caused disappointment within the racing department, without however breaking down the will of the team to succeed, by working hard in the development of the car, to get back on top as soon as possible and return, at least, to fill the role of second force in the field. The Cavallino technicians, still convinced of the potential of the SF-23, have decided to work in depth on the current car before possibly abandoning it in favor of a “version B”.

Work already in Australia has brought the first results but which seems to be able to bring a further improvement of the situation in view of the Azerbaijan GP. A race where, according to some rumors collected, the Italian team will bring aerodynamic solutions to the track to adapt to the characteristics of the fast track in Baku. Upgrades that had already been approved at the beginning of the season, relating to a low downforce rear wing and a new front wing with reduced flaps to ensure correct top speeds.

Adaptation innovations also accompanied, at least according to what reported by the Italian magazine ‘‘ by some updates (the installation of which is in doubt due to the only Free Practice session to test them) in the sidepods area, more excavated in the lower area to reduce the drag and favour a greater passage of air towards the bottom of the car, consequently increasing the downforce.

“[…] An aerodynamic package that arrived ready earlier than expected: more hollow bellies in the lower part to increase the opening under the radiator vents and the flow rate on the pavement”.

Updates in the sidepod area which inevitably required a revision of the cooling system, not in the size or placement of the radiators but in the movement of some accessories.