Formula E | Jeff Dodds set to replace Jamie Reigle as Formula E CEO

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Photo credit: Formula E

Jamie Reigle has held the position of Formula E’s CEO since 2019, and during his role oversaw the introduction of a new sporting format and the launch of the GEN3 cars we see today. Jeff Dodds, who is set to replace Riegle from the 5th June 2023, was Virgin media O2’s Chief Operating Officer for the past two years. Dodds also held the position of Virgin Media O2’s COO, Managing Director and Chief Marketing Officer in the past.

As Jamie Reigle’s position as CEO comes to an end after four years, fans will be pleased to hear that he will stay in Formula E in an advisory role until the end of the season to ensure a smooth transition. Founder and Chairman Alejandro Agag, who has worked alongside Jamie Riegle, gave hid thoughts on working with Jeff Dodds, “I am pleased to welcome Jeff Dodds as Chief Executive Officer ahead of an exciting phase for Formula E as we build upon the success of Season 9.

“Jeff brings a proven track record of dynamic leadership and impressive execution to Formula E, and the Board looks forward to him unlocking the full potential of Formula E, for the benefit of our fans, teams, manufacturers, partners and stakeholders.”

Agag spoke highly about working alongside Reigle and said, “I would like to thank Jamie for his leadership over the last four years and welcome his support over the remainder of the season.

“It has been a pleasure working with him and I look forward to welcoming him back at Formula E races in the future.”

On Formula E’s official website, Jeff Dodds spoke of his future role as Formula E’s CEO saying, “I am thrilled to take on the role of CEO at Formula E. My passion for automotive, sport and entertainment (which) means I am incredibly excited about this opportunity.

“There is a world-class team at Formula E, and I am excited to lead them into the next chapter, shaping the future of motorsport and redefining what is possible.”

Adding to Agag and Dodds’ comments on Formula E’s official website, Reigle said, “It has been an honour leading Formula E for the last four years.

“As someone who benefitted from a partnership with Alejandro, I’m happy to support Jeff before reverting to life as a passionate Formula E fan.”