Formula E Unveils GEN3 Evo: 1.82s to 60 MPH with Sustainable Tech

Photo Credit: Formula E
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Formula E and the FIA have revealed a significant advancement in electric race car technology with the unveiling of the new all-electric GEN3 Evo in Monte Carlo today.

Photo Credit: Formula E

This cutting-edge vehicle sets a new standard for the category, boasting an acceleration from 0-60 mph in just 1.82 seconds, making it the fastest accelerating FIA single-seater on the planet.

The launch event, hosted at H.S.H Prince Albert II’s Private Car Collection, showcased the car which will debut in Season 11 of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship. Here, the world’s leading manufacturers and drivers will compete in a series that travels to iconic locations across the globe.

The GEN3 Evo is designed not only for exceptional performance but also with sustainability in mind, capable of reaching speeds up to 200 mph. It features an array of new technological enhancements, including all-wheel drive capabilities during qualifying duels, race starts, and ATTACK MODE, which are expected to intensify the thrill of the race. Additionally, it comes equipped with a more aggressive and aerodynamically efficient body kit and optimised Hankook iON race tyres, which are made from 35% recycled materials and provide improved grip.

Photo Credit: Formula E

This latest model marks a significant leap from its predecessor, the GEN3, which was already 36% faster in terms of acceleration. The GEN3 Evo’s capabilities are further enhanced by advanced software engineering that delivers performance upgrades and regenerative braking systems capable of generating nearly 50% of the energy needed for a race during the race itself.

Formula E and the FIA have also continued their commitment to sustainability beyond the track. The GEN3 Evo, recognised as the world’s first net zero carbon race car, incorporates recycled carbon fibre and natural materials such as linen into its chassis and maintains rigorous sustainability standards throughout its supply chain.

Photo Credit: Formula E

Jeff Dodds, Chief Executive Officer of Formula E, emphasised the car’s role in pushing the boundaries of both performance and environmental responsibility. “The GEN3 Evo heralds a groundbreaking chapter in the evolution of Formula E, embodying our dedication to innovation and high performance achieved sustainably,” he said during the unveiling.

FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem also commented on the collaborative effort in developing the new race car, acknowledging the hard work of both the FIA and Formula E teams in striving for competitive and sustainable motorsport.

“The FIA and Formula E have diligently worked on developing the GEN3 Evo, which signifies another substantial leap in electric racing technology.”

“I am grateful to both the FIA and Formula E teams for their dedication, which underlines our mutual commitment to advancing sustainable motorsport while delivering thrilling and competitive racing.”, he added.

The introduction of the GEN3 Evo represents not only an evolution in electric motor racing but also reinforces the sport’s role in driving technological advancement that could potentially influence the broader automotive industry. This includes a focus on life cycle thinking and the development of a new ultra-fast charging capability that allows a 600kw high-speed charge within just 30 seconds for additional energy mid-race.

As the technical roadmap of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship continues to evolve, the GEN3 Evo sets a new standard, promising a bright future for the sport and its global fanbase.