Haas F1 sues former Team Principal Guenther Steiner over trademark infringement in autobiography ‘Surviving to Drive'”

Photo Credit: MoneyGram Haas F1 team
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Haas F1 is currently suing former team manager Guenther Steiner for allegedly infringing on trademarks in his autobiography “Surviving to Drive.”

After the 2023 season, Steiner who had been the team principal since 2016, departed as his contract was not renewed by Gene Haas. Steiner was replaced by Ayao Komatsu as ahead of the 2024 season.

But months after his resignation, Steiner slapped Haas with a lawsuit regarding some monetary issues between him and the team. This has become even more messier as Haas has responded with a counter lawsuit on accounts of a trademark issue related to Steiner’s book, Surviving to Drive.

The lawsuit was filed in the Central District of California on May 3rd and the lawsuit states,

In 2023, without permission or consent from Haas Automation, Steiner authored, marketed, promoted, sold, distributed, and profited from a publication titled “Surviving to Drive” (the “Accused Product”), which unlawfully used and displayed, and continues to use and display, the Haas Automation Trademarks and the Haas Automation Trade Dress for Steiner’s personal financial gain and illicit profit. Haas Automation never consented to Steiner’s use of the Haas Automation Trademarks or the Haas Automation Trade Dress on the Accused Product.

According to the court filings, Steiner was informed that any and all legal action would be forthcoming his way, yet he did nothing to address the matter. As of now, Haas has requested a jury trial in the case and is suing the defendant for damages.