Hamilton to Ferrari: A possibility or a ploy to help in negotiations with Mercedes?

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Photo Credit: Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team

A frenzy was whipped on social media by the rumors relaunched by the ‘Daily Mail’ relating to Lewis Hamilton who would receive an offer from Ferrari for 2024. Rumors which, on closer inspection, may not be entirely true but, on the contrary, could help the 38-year-old in the negotiations for the renewal with Mercedes and obtain what he desired.

The news that arrived in the last few hours from England relating to Ferrari is undoubtedly such news as to arouse an uproar that, according to the ‘Daily Mail’, it would have offered a 40 million pound contract to Lewis Hamilton for 2024.

Indiscretions born out of the desire to offer the Englishman the opportunity to surpass Michael Schumacher’s record in terms of world titles, thus becoming the most successful driver ever in the most famous car. Rumors that, in fact, arise from the situation Lewis is experiencing, his contract with Mercedes expiring, with a renewal not yet signed.

A scenario which however, to be precise, in Mercedes does not concern only ‘The Hammer’, but also Russell, as reported by ‘Motorsport.com‘, whose renewal, however, is taken for granted.

“Mercedes is holding the court, which is in negotiation with both drivers. Above all, the curiosity is sparked by Hamilton’s future, given that the renewal of George Russell is taken for granted.”

Rumors of a “marriage” between the British and the Reds which cyclically come back into fashion, forgetting however how much, to date, the drivers are the last problem for Maranello (which in any case has Sainz and Leclerc under contract until the end of 2024). Having said this, therefore, it is logical to question the real veracity of these rumors or to evaluate whether they are simply useful moves for Hamilton to get what he wants in the negotiation phase.

Again according to what reported by Roberto Chinchero, Lewis Hamilton’s farewell to Mercedes would not be a painless choice but, on the contrary, a move that goes against the trend of what he has always declared, as well as a renunciation of a future, practically for life, with the house in Stuttgart.

“Lewis has repeatedly emphasized the link with Mercedes. He also knows that ending his career with Mercedes would mean securing a contract as a brand ambassador in the following years.”

For this reason, as mentioned, the doubt arises whether the leaked rumors are useful for Lewis Hamilton to have more weight in the negotiation phase with Brackley to get what he wants at a time when, given the lack of results and age, the German company no longer seems ready to accept all the conditions requested by the former McLaren driver.

“All the rumors that suggest other teams end up increasing Hamilton’s power when he gets to the final squeeze. The renewal will probably come, but it doesn’t seem to be a formality like on other occasions. [ …] probably not everyone on the Stuttgart-Brackley axis is convinced that they recognise what Lewis has received in recent seasons.

“Although the figures are considerable, there are whispers of a lower offer. [..] Another point is the duration of the contract, and even here the rumors do not describe an idyllic situation for Hamilton, who would like a two-year contract instead of a single season which would interest the team.”