Hamilton on F1 being called boring: “It is not my job to convince people to watch a sport”

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Photo credit: Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team

Lewis Hamilton didn’t have the best weekend at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, extending his winless streak. Following the ‘snooze-fest’, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff labelled Formula 1 ‘boring’ after Red Bull secured their fourth win in four races.

The seven-time World Champion questioned whether the regulations, brought in by the FIA in 2022, would require another shake-up.

This comes off the back of reports that drivers are finding it more difficult to follow other cars in dirty air and have trouble overtaking.

Hamilton said: “I think it’s good that we’re trying new things, and it’s important that we continue to move forward and evolve, and technology has evolved.

“It’s just unfortunate we still see the same sort of gaps between teams.

“I don’t know what the solution is for the future but we’re going to have to continue to adapt these regulations moving forward.”

The Mercedes driver added to his opinion on regulation changes by saying: “I like the cars – without the bouncing. They’re a little bit heavy. I wouldn’t say making the cars heavy is a good idea.”

As we enter the Miami Grand Prix weekend, it’s no secret that the event failed to sell out, raising the question of whether American racing fans don’t find F1 entertaining: “It is not my job to convince people to watch a sport.

“I’m not watching it; it’s not boring for me.

“But as a racing fan watching, I can understand because there’s not as much competition as they (the American fans) are perhaps used to with the NBA and NFL at the moment.

“That’s not my doing but we need to do better, as a sport. They have already tried to bring the teams closer, but it never seems to work.”