Horner: “You can start talking about Max in the same sentence as the greats” after matching Senna

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When we talk about Formula 1, names of the great drivers who have been seen in this category are usually mentioned. We are talking about world champions like Michael Schumacher, Ayrton Senna, Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, Nicki Lauda, ​​Alain Prost, Jackie Stewart, among many other drivers who, regardless of their number of championships, have stood out considerably within the highest category of motorsport.

To reach this list it takes much more than championships, but talent. In one way or another, each of these drivers managed to change the sport, be it through their driving style,, their individuality or teamwork, or any other aspect in which that driver was simply unique.

In the 2023 Canadian Grand Prix, Max Verstappen managed to get the same number of victories as Ayrton Senna. For many people, the Brazilian driver is considered the best the category has ever had, while for many others he is considered one of the best. To equal this number of wins (a total of 41) is impressive for a driver.

For many, the Dutchman does not have the amount of talent as the Brazilian had, however, the numbers do not lie. Verstappen is now the fifth driver in Formula 1 history with the most victories, while he is in second place for active drivers in the same aspect, behind only seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton.

Red Bull Racing team principal, Christian Horner, has shared his thoughts on this new personal record set by two-time world champion Max Verstappen.

“What we are witnessing with Max is the emergence of another mega talent.”

Photo Credit: Red Bull Content Pool

“You can start talking about him in the same sentence as the greats now after he matched Ayrton Senna.”

The podium of the last Canadian Grand Prix was made up by seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton, two-time world champion Fernando Alonso, and the reigning champion Max Verstappen. In addition to them, the person in charge of receiving the winning constructor trophy for Red Bull Racing was none other than the Chief Technical Officer of the Austrian team, Adrian Newey.

Without a doubt, Newey is one of the key people for champions like Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen, Damon Hill, Jacques Villeneuve, among many other drivers.

Among the drivers who were present on the podium of the 2023 Canadian Grand Prix, they had 11 championships (7 for Hamilton, 2 for Alonso and another 2 for Verstappen), but if we add the number of Newey championships (11 for drivers and 12 for constructors), the podium that we witnessed last weekend was, without a doubt, one of the most iconic.

“I thought the podium actually was very, if you like, to sum up the last couple of decades of Formula One, with Max, Fernando and Lewis up there,” Horner stated. “Max just keeps delivering at such a high level. The race was fantastic but to take pole position in conditions that were continually changing, his ability to adapt to whatever grip level he had, was Max at his best.”

Horner believes Verstappen will be proud of matching Senna, even if he might not show it on the outside.

“Part of him inside will be quite proud of that. I don’t think he is one to show huge emotion. He is a very modest guy. He is very understated in many ways. But behind the scenes, it will mean quite a lot to him.”