Hülkenberg: “I don’t understand all the fuss” concerning Magnussen’s driving in the Miami F1 Sprint

Photo Credit: MoneyGram Haas F1 Team
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Nico Hülkenberg’s teammate Kevin Magnussen has 10 penalty points hanging over him for the remainder of 2024 — if he keeps it clean.

3 points were picked up from the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix for causing a collision with Albon, 2 points in the Chinese Grand Prix for causing a collision with Tsunoda, 3 penalty points in the Miami Sprint race for leaving the track and gaining an advantage on multiple occasions, and 2 more penalty points got accrued in the Grand Prix for causing a collision with Sargeant.

Hülkenberg believes some of the penalty points handed out in recent times have been too harsh or unnecessary.

If a driver collects 12 penalty points within 12 months, they will face a race ban. The 31-year-old Dane is 2 points away from that.

“I’m not exactly aware of the details of they were all accumulated in every incident.

“But sometimes I think he got a few penalties, I feel in the last year and a half since we’re here that you get penalty points and it was not really maybe right or necessary.”

The German talked about the hard racing in the Miami Sprint where Magnussen was running in P8 and valiantly trying to hold off Hamilton for the last point.

Magnussen is well-known to let his position go easily and will do everything in his power to hold on, especially when it comes to helping the team.

“So, look, for me, in Miami, he was racing for P8 in the sprint, and that’s a point. And for us, that’s true value and money. So I was not surprised that he was fighting the way he was.

“And it was not just for me, probably a combination of both. But everyone knows Kevin Magnussen is one of the hardest guys to get by. And I don’t understand all the fuss around it, to be honest.”

When asked about Magnussen getting penalties to defend Hülkenberg in Miami, the German disagreed. He said he was in a decent position to bring points back to the team but his teammate was trying to defend the final point for himself.

The 36-year-old had got out of DRS of his Danish teammate before Magnussen’s big defensive moves got thrown, believing he had done enough to secure P7 without the Dane’s desperate attempts to fend off Hamilton.

“Yeah, but I think that’s where I disagree a little bit. Because at that point, I was already well ahead and I would have secured my position.

“I had it safe anyway. I think it was more he was still fighting for himself personally for that one point also. So, I think you have to separate that a little bit too.”

Hülkenberg indicated that the 12-month period for the penalty points is too long and they should readjust the rules on how long penalty points is handed out.

“And, it’s busy enough as it is. But I think it’s quite long until they kind of get erased, right? Yeah, yeah. 12 months from when you’ve had a pick-me-up.Yeah. I think we could revisit some of it. And probably restructure.”

He also expressed that the stewerds are getting stricter over the years but as long as you stay clean on track there is nothing to worry about.

“I think if you look at the past, some years it felt like, yeah, it was more lenient and they just let us race. Then some years it felt a bit tighter.

“But, yeah, now recently I also see that under investigation quite often. But it’s not always that there is action. So, again, obviously, you know, you try to stay away from incidents. You try to stay clear as a driver and clean.”