“I think I was deserving a position in F1”, says 2024 SF driver and new F2 champion Pourchaire

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The Formula 2 champion Theo Pourchaire has enjoyed his first time around Suzuka as he took part in the Super Formula test driving for Team Impul. Overall he was seventh fastest in SF’s official post-season test.

On Tuesday morning CET, the French driver was confirmed as a driver for Team Impul in the 2024 Super Formula season.

Pourchaire spoke about the test he had in the Far East during the FIA Gala in Baku last Friday.

“I think SF is a great category. And it was my first time in Japan this week,” said Pourchaire. “The people there are amazing. It’s a complete different culture and the car is fast. I discovered Suzuka as well. Suzuka is a crazy track. It’s so fast and so difficult.”

Despite the enthusiasm for his new experience in Japan, the French driver has not hidden the disappointment towards not getting a seat in Formula 1 for 2024. The goal set by Sauber was in fact to win the title in order to have a race seat, but Pourchaire was only left with the role of reserve driver as Zhou Guanyu was retained alongside Valtteri Bottas.

“As a F2 champion, I think I was deserving a position [in F1], but it’s like this, it’s life.

“I’m the third F2 champion in a row to not be promoted to F1.

“There is no [rule], it’s not because you are an F2 champion that you will have a place in F1. But I think it’s a bit, I’m disappointed to be honest because I’m an F2 champion, I did some good results in the past. I did my best. And the goal that Sauber Academy told me, it was to win the championship, and I did it.”

Photo Credit: Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake

Super Formula still seems to be a good opportunity for Pourchair to “prepare myself for 2025”. The F2 champion also hopes to do a lot of simulator work since his test in F1 in 2024 may be quite restricted.

He referenced Liam Lawson as an example of its worth.

“Driving in an F1 car for some testing days is good, but it’s a lot of money and not every F1 team can can afford that. Unfortunately I think it will not be the case for me with the Sauber Academy.

“Probably two free practices as well because there is still the rookie FP1s. But Japan, of course it’s really far from Europe. The car is quick. We saw with Liam Lawson, he drove there, finished vice-champion, and he had an opportunity to drive five F1 grands prix. And he was straight away quick in the car.”

There is still a spark of hope for 2025 as lot of contracts will come to an end at the end of next year right now. By continuing racing, even though in a different category, Pourchaire hopes to be able to demonstrate of deserving a seat in Formula 1.