“I’ll probably go again” — Adrian Newey expects to continue in F1 after leaving Red Bull early next year

Photo Credit: Red Bull Racing
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After announcing his decision to depart from Red Bull Racing recently, Adrian Newey has admits that his future is still within the Formula One paddock.

Newey discloses that he had been “seriously considering changing teams, going somewhere else and doing another four or five years or whatever.”

The 65-year-old confesses that he does feel tired right now, but he would eventually build the energy again to continue in the sport.

“I feel a little bit tired at the moment, but at some point I’ll probably go again.”

It is no secret that the teams up and down the paddock are trying to get the master designer to wear their colours. But there has been a strong connection made with the Maranello-based team.

The ship at Scuderia Ferrari is being helmed by Frédéric Vasseur — Charles Leclerc’s extension contract and bringing Lewis Hamilton to Ferrari in 2025 could have certainly made the racing red an appealing option for Newey.

Newey also has, incidentally, negotiated an early release from his contract. It allows him to work for any other team in the Formula One paddock in the early part of 2025.

To put it plainly, Adrian Newey, essentially, has no gardening leave.

In the latest episode of Formula for Success, Eddie Jordan (Newey’s Manager) imparts that Christian Horner called him a “silent assassin” in the ongoing negotiations of Adrian Newey, at the time.

Jordan explains, “Christian, do you know what he called me? Do you know what he called me when he found this? First of all, his jaw was somewhere around near the end of his trousers. You know, it’s quite a big jaw in the first place, but he called me: ‘Ah, EJ, you’re a fucking silent assassin’.”

“No-one saw that coming at all. Nobody knew [Eddie] was managing Adrian,” David Coulthard concluded.

While on the other hand, Christian Horner has said that Red Bull is not short of people to pick up the work from Adrain Newey will leave it off.

“I’ve spoken to Adrian at length about that and Adrian’s position is very clear,” Horner said.

“We have enjoyed a great relationship, and we continue to enjoy a great relationship. We are friends as well as work colleagues and he’s done a huge amount for this team.

“We’ll be sad to see him leave, but he’s left the team in good shape and we’ve got a great team of people and strength and depth to take us forward.”