James Vowles has ‘re-energised’ Williams in 2023

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Photo: Williams Racing

Following the start of a new dawn for Williams Racing, the introduction of James Vowles has helped to provide the team with a plan for the future in both the short, and long term.

The former Mercedes Strategy Director joined Williams as Team Principal in January to replace the departing Jost Capito, and has already got to work setting a clear path for the team to work towards.

Head of Vehicle Performance, Dave Robson, revealed that Vowles has had a positive effect on the team as he said: “I think James coming in with his recent experience of what the best looks like, does make a difference. And that has re-energised everybody.

“That coupled with the fact that the car ran so well at the test, which was based on things put in place months ago, I think those two things together have had a palpable effect on the team.”

Robson was also keen to point out the value of the experience he brings to the team, when he said: “He’s very good to speak to in the race team and I think he is interesting for us because he obviously comes with quite a lot of technical understanding.

“Although he can’t just come in and tell us everything that they do and all of that information, I think you can discuss and debate things on it on quite a technical level with him and get some useful guidance.”

Photo: Williams Racing

Williams are clear on their current position and where they want to be. They hold realistic

expectations, but they’re also mindful that planning for the future is big part of their work right now.

Robson went on to say: “It didn’t take him long to come in and assess where Williams is and what it needs. So if that’s where the resources need to go to deliver what we want over three, four, five years, then that’s clearly the right thing to do.

“To have him come in with experience and knowledge and then for everyone to have the confidence that it is the right thing to do, I think that makes a difference.”

While the team may not be at the front of the Formula One field for now, those in charge certainly appear to be pushing in the right direction.

James Vowles will be keen to make this team his own, while at the same time, also be able to challenge his former employers at the other end of the pitlane.

Their next chance to pick up points will be at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix next week – a chance to score points in consecutive races for a first time in two years.