Jos Verstappen says it will “take a while” for Red Bull’s internal F1 crisis to “settle down”

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Co-author: Ewout Albrecht

With the Australian Grand Prix at Albert Park in Melbourne just a few days out, the Red Bull power struggle saga remains unresolved.

Jos Verstappen, ex-Formula 1 driver and reigning champion Max Verstappen’s father, has once again spoken out on the matter, stressing that the internal conflict shouldn’t distract from the racing.

“It’s a part of the sport, but it is also necessary that the situation settles down,” said Verstappen after competing in a rally event, as quoted by Belgian sports publication Sporza.

He believes it’s imperative for the team to regain stability.

“It is necessary to get some rest in the team again, but given the circumstances it will take a while, I think.

“I can’t say much about it. Hopefully they can concentrate on racing again soon, because that’s what it’s all about.

“It is important that he continues to win, which he does.”

Jos Verstappen made his stance on the controversy engulfing Christian Horner and the resulting tension within the team abundantly clear over the past few weeks. Just recently, he publicly warned that Red Bull Racing risks being “torn apart” if Horner continues in his role as team boss. 

For now, Red Bull appears to be operating as efficiently as they were last year—at least on track. Max Verstappen has kicked off his hunt for a fourth consecutive world title with a commanding victory at the season opener in Bahrain. The following week Red Bull made easy work of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, and all signs point towards them delivering a similar blow to their rivals at the upcoming round in Melbourne. 

“The car runs very well and between the engineers and him there is nothing wrong,” Verstappen continued. 

However, he added that while Verstappen’s on-track performance hasn’t suffered as a result of the internal drama, the reigning champion is growing tired of questions about the situation. 

“Max can switch off certain parts, but he gets a lot of questions about it. He doesn’t like that, but it is part of Formula 1.”