Krack on Stroll’s F1 commitment before Q1 crash in Singapore: “This is proof that he fully has it”

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The Singapore GP qualifying ended quickly for Aston Martin driver, Lance Stroll.

The driver, in fact, saw his weekend at the end of Q1 after an accident that destroyed his Aston Martin and prevented him from participating in Sunday’s race. Stroll, in fact, came close to the end of his lap and lost control of his car, crashing into the barriers and bouncing dangerously back on track. He then exited the car and passed the medical checks, and was confirmed to be fine.

Team Principal Mike Krack was asked to comment on the accident that occurred during qualifying and the rumours circulating about the driver’s change of plans away from the racing world.

“It’s proof that he’s full in. So, for all the guys that are thinking he’s not, to go into this corner at that speed, you have to have some commitment. I think this is another proof that he fully has it.”

The driver, who emerged from the accident without serious injuries, did not, however, take part in the Singapore GP.

“He is generally sore. If you have an incident like that, you have to think that you stress your muscles everywhere. It’s like if you spend a very hard day in the gym, you feel not great. I think it’s the right decision to be ready for Japan.”The most important thing is that he’s fine. Anything else is secondary.”

In addition to putting an end to the rumours concerning the driver of car number 18, the Team Principal praised him for his willpower and courage, ensuring his driver’s presence at the next GP, scheduled for Suzuka, this Sunday.

“Lance is very strong. He’s much, much stronger than people think. You have seen him [carry out media duties after his crash]. I’m not concerned at all… he will be fine.”

Photo Credit: Aston Martin F1 Team