Krack praises Aston Martin’s unity: Point-less Australia was “the highlight of last year”

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Aston Martin Team Principal Mike Krack says last year’s Australian Grand Prix was “the best moment for us as a team” despite both cars finishing outside the points.

Krack explained that the team showed great unity after the disappointing weekend in Melbourne and have improved in 2023 scoring two podiums in two races.

“We have not done Melbourne yet so let’s wait that we don’t have cars in the pits again but it was a very difficult moment,” he stated.

“But I think also it was the best moment for us as a team because we all sat together after this event and the way we stuck together there.

“It could have been easy to fall apart completely as a team but we really stuck together well there and decided we’re going to work our way out of this so for me it’s actually the highlight of last year.”

Aston Martin have delivered a competitive car with the AMR23 and are Red Bull’s nearest challengers in the opening phase of the campaign.

The 50-year-old said that the development battle will be critical over the season but the Silverstone-based team aren’t as experienced at the sharp end of the field.

“Now the development race is going on and we are battling with people that have a different firing power as we have in terms of people, in terms of infrastructure, in terms of being used to do that.

“So I think we need to be careful making too many predictions in that regard.

“Can we manage to keep that gap or can we close it. We will work hard, we have seen last year that we can close the gap a little bit to even pass the car in front of us but that doesn’t mean that we did it last year we can do it again.”

Krack also praised the teams vast experience but said Aston Martin have to remain humble throughout 2023.

Team Silverstone is in the business for a very long time and the people know how racing is so I’m not scared that they lose the ground under their feet.

“We have to manage the situation properly. The main thing is keeping the focus because it’s never automatic you always have to be at the top of your game and as soon as you are not, someone is in front of you. It’s a mix, you have to manage it but also the team is not losing it.”