Leclerc less Ferrari less draggy but not as good in the corners

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Photo credit: @ScuderiaFerrari

Today is the third official day on track for Formula 1 and the teams are starting to see the results of what they did throughout the winter. Team principal and drivers are already getting an idea of how the cars will be, on the things that they have improved or the ones that still need some work to be done.

Charles Leclerc during today’s press conference opened up on how Ferrari worked these days and on what the team focused:

“We’ve had three very intense days of testing, we still have a lot of work to do this afternoon: Thursday was all about trying to understand how well the datas were matching with the ones we had back to the factory prior to these ones.

“They were matching pretty well. Yesterday we had a bit of a difficult day to try and find the right setup for the car, while this morning was a bit better. But we have still work to do” he said.

Then he explained how they managed to improve the car on the straights – where they faced some issues last year – and said that there are some other areas that they still have to work on.

“I think it [the work on the straights] was done in the right way and I think we have a less draggy car, so that should be better this year, but it changed all the characteristics.

“It was all in line with what we expected – but we still need to find the right set-up for these new characteristics. I expect us to be a bit quicker in the straights, maybe struggling a little bit more in the corners,” the Monegasque stated.

“With this three days test, I can say that we are still working quite a bit on trying to find the sweet spot of the car in terms of set-up. So there’s, I hope, some margin on that still that we haven’t found the sweet spot yet.”