Lewis Hamilton’s Ferrari F1 contract length and salary revealed: 2+1 and 100 million dollars a year

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Lewis Hamilton will be a Ferrari driver starting in 2025. The seven-time world champion has decided to leave Mercedes to wear red and join Charles Leclerc.  Adventure whose details were explained by the well-known Italian journalist, Leo Turrini.

Yesterday evening, what could be considered the coup of the century in F1 was made official: Lewis Hamilton will be a Ferrari driver from 2025 onwards. An agreement after being rumoured and denied several times over the years, came to fruition and brought together the most successful team and driver in the history of F1. A union that will last at least two years and will lead the British legend to wear red in his 40s. It was a move strongly desired by President John Elkann, owing to his personal admiration for Hamilton, and by a series of benefits that the world championship title would bring.

An agreement that shows the Scuderia’s desire to return to winning, completing a restructuring that began 12 months ago with the hiring of Vasseur, some engineers, and the renewal of Leclerc’s contract (who with the Englishman will form a ‘dream team’). A marriage between the seven-time world champion and the Maranello company which was analyzed by the Italian journalist Leo Turrini on Sky Sport.

First of all, Turrini revealed the duration of the agreement: two years with an option for a third year, with a view to 2027, when Hamilton will be 42 years old. The Italian journalist underlined how completely unexpected the news was.

“It’s the news of the millennium for F1. Hamilton has signed a 2+1 contract, also with a view to [the new regulations] 2026. Lewis dressed in red was a hypothesis that seemed to belong to the wildest of dreams.”

The reporter, close to the Cavallino, then spoke about how Hamilton is the most successful driver in history to wear red, without however going overboard on the possible results.

“We are in the presence of a historic fact, such a titled driver has never arrived at Ferrari. Michael Schumacher had won two championships when he arrived. We are in the presence of something extraordinary. Whether it will work or not, we will only find out living.”

An operation conducted by Ferrari President Elkann, which undoubtedly brings benefits to them. It reminded many people of his idea to bring Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus in 2019.

“I imagine that Elkann has decided to focus on Hamilton, aware that he can bring know-how and perhaps convince some great technician to come to Maranello. There could be the downside of Cristiano Ronaldo. Juventus took what was — with Messi — the greatest footballer of the time and we know how it ended.”

Hamilton and Leclerc will be a formidable pairing. But without a car up to par, they will not get the desired results. It will be up to the team to give the riders the equipment to win and for them to be able to express their talent.

“Elkann knows he is exposing himself to a risk, Hamilton is not a rookie. He can make an immense contribution, but a driver alone — if he doesn’t have a car up to par — can’t do it. Ferrari’s idea is to bring together Leclerc and Hamilton, because they are convinced that they can give them a car to express the talent they have.”

According to Formu1a.uno, Hamilton’s total earnings over the course of a year will be in the 100 million dollar range. Elkann has pledged to help the Brit with his diversity projects and inclusivity within the organisation.

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