Pérez eases tension after Jeddah’s fastest lap confusion, as Verstappen recalls last week’s illness

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Despite the fact that Sergio Pérez comfortably won the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, speculation was not left out of the team that has won everything this season so far, when the Mexican expressed his dissatisfaction with Max Verstappen taking the point of the fastest lap of the race in Jeddah. Pérez was in charge of calming the whispers surrounding the Red Bull pair, on the Thursday before competing in Melbourne, explaining that it was only a “communication mistake”.

“Everything is clear with the team. There was a communication problem. It has been magnified. There is a good atmosphere. We all want to win. I hope that 1 point does not make a difference in the future.”

“The key will be to maintain this level during the 21 races. The four DRS zones will be good for show.”

As the Mexican driver tried to ease the tension, Max Verstappen commented on his struggle during the last race, where he started P15 at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, after suffering a few days of illness that he confesses, felt like “missing a lung.”

“At home I was really ill, like I could barely just walk around and felt like I was just missing a lung,

“But then when I jumped in the car in FP1, even just one performance, I felt like I had to recover for two laps to be able to breathe normally. So yeah, it definitely did affect me throughout the weekend.”

The reigning Formula 1 champion was asked about the three-week break between rounds 3 and 4 of the F1 calendar, before the circus heads to Azerbaijan in late April.

“Well, a couple of weeks ago, I would say that I wasn’t looking forward to it.

“So for me now this release is just getting back to like full fitness, getting a full program in.”

“But normally if I just feel well, I think I would also prefer to keep racing. It has nothing to do with looking into the car trying to make it faster.

“I think that’s a natural process, but it’s weird to have three weeks off, especially that early on in the season.”

Photo: Red Bull Content Pool