Post-race Austrian GP penalties demote Sainz two positions, one each for Hamilton and Gasly

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Following a post-race protest by Aston Martin in regard to the results of the Austrian Grand Prix, an FIA spokesperson confirmed that over 1200 violations of track limits could have been committed during the race and added the results would be updated when a review of all the possible infringements was completed. Aston’s protest was upheld because of this.

Photo credit: Red Bull Content Pool

FIA statement

“Regarding the track limits infringements at the 2023 FIA Formula 1 Austrian Grand Prix, we note that due to the specifics of the circuit layout and the propensity of many drivers to repeatedly drive outside of the boundaries of the track, an unprecedented situation arose which resulted in all potential infringements not being able to be reviewed during the race. Prior to the submission of a Protest against the result, we had already begun a full review of the track limits infringements, which is ongoing.

“During the Grand Prix, Race Control was tasked with reviewing well over 1200 instances where a car was reported as potentially leaving the track. The results will be updated once the review of those which were not able to be reviewed during the race is complete.

“In order to address the issue for future events we will renew our recommendation to the circuit to add a gravel trap at the exit of turns 9 and 10. We note that while this is not a straightforward solution in relation to other series that race here, it has proved to be very effective at other corners and circuits with similar issues.”

Five hours after the race concluded, penalties got handed out to the following drivers:

Sainz – 10 seconds

Hamilton – 10 seconds

Gasly – 10 seconds

Albon – 10 seconds

Ocon – 30 seconds

Sargeant – 10 seconds

De Vries – 15 seconds

Tsunoda – 5 seconds

Sainz’s falls from P4 to P6, with Hamilton dropping from 7th and 8th. Alpine’s Pierre Gasly was demoted from 9th to 10th.

Due to the penalties, the final order in the top 10 is: Verstappen, Leclerc, Pérez, Norris, Alonso, Sainz, Russell, Hamilton, Stroll and Gasly.