Perez “fully committed to F1” as he expects contract talks with Red Bull to be “quite easy going forward”

Photo Credit: Red Bull Racing
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After the first movement in the driver market during the season itself became official now that Fernando Alonso re-signed with Aston Martin, Sergio Perez, who probably owns what is the most coveted seat in the category, was questioned about his future in Formula 1, now that one of the alleged candidates to replace him was ruled out as an option for the 6-time Constructors’ Champions.

Perez has had a very good start to 2024, finishing P2 in 3 of the first 4 races and sits 2nd in the Drivers’ Championship, 13 points behind teammate Max Verstappen.

“Certainly things are moving along earlier than I’d like to,” Perez said on Thursday in Shanghai.

“I think given how the whole market is, we’re going to be making decisions fairly quickly. In the coming weeks, I expect to know my future.

“Everything is moving quite fast. So I think it’s important not to wait for too long.”

The Mexican driver expressed his admiration for the Spaniard’s motivation to continue competing at such a high level for so many years in the top category of motorsports.

Regarding this, Perez was questioned about his own hunger, and how he balances the pressure of giving his all in a F1 championship that’s longer and more demanding than ever.

“I think it [motivation] is even more important, you know.

“If you want to do a good job, you cannot be 95% at it for the sake of doing it, especially when you have family back home. I think it’s important that when you commit to Formula 1, you’re fully committed until the last day, and that’s the approach I take.

“100% I’m fully committed to Formula 1, like when I started, because it’s important to do that for my family.

“At the end of the day, I’ve been a longtime in this sport, but I’m only 34. And when you see all the drivers carrying on, we see these days a lot longer careers.

Should he end up leaving Red Bull, Perez is convinced he’ll be on the grid next season no matter what.

“I’m still very fresh and very motivated. I have no doubt that 100% I will be here next year.”

Lastly, the 6-time Grand Prix winner expressed what he expects from Red Bull when it’s time to have contract talks.

Something that, according to his experience in the team, he hopes will be “easy going forward.”

“It’s all about the future, how we both see the future together,” he said.

“If you, as a team and the driver, have the same targets in mind – that same common target –  it’s all very easy, especially after so many years, we’ve been together for four years.

“So I do expect that everything will be quite easy going forward.

“The priority is to remain here for the future. Something that I think it’s just a matter of time. The most important for now is to perform on track and focus on the season.”