Red Bull CTO Waché “giving serious consideration” to join Ferrari F1 squad

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After hiring Lewis Hamilton, Ferrari does not seem willing to stop. According to “Gazzetta dello Sport”, in Maranello they could reach an agreement with the technical director of Red Bull Pierre Waché and, taking advantage of the current case involving Horner.

The story between Adrian Newey and Ferrari is one of a love many times desired (at least by one of the two parties), but never fulfilled. Over the years there has been many Ferrari fans who had dreamed of the arrival of the British engineer in Maranello, just as there was many attempts, by Ferrari itself, to bring the undoubtedly most brilliant designer to the most prestigious team in the world.

Pursuits by the Cavallino that Newey himself had commented on not too long ago, recalling how in the last twenty years there had been at least a couple of ‘approaches’ (especially in 2013, when the practically concluded negotiation fell through, for reasons which will never be made known, on the occasion of the Spanish GP).

Approaches which, according to what was reported by the Italian newspaper “La Gazzetta dello Sport”, may not be finished, given that after the sensational hiring of Lewis Hamilton starting from the 2025 season, in Maranello they do not seem willing to stop and, in an attempt to return to win, they are thinking of hiring the Williams, McLaren and Red Bull World Champion designer.

Ferrari has already tried on various occasions to hire the English technical director, but without success. The Cavallino has snatched Hamilton from Mercedes. Maybe Newey is thinking about it.”

A second extraordinary coup, which the Scuderia’s top management could pull off by taking advantage of the climate of instability, as well as possible changes that could arise in Red Bull depending on the developments of the Horner case. As an example, the fall of the Austrian manager could lead the likes of Newey to review their futures at Milton Keynes.

“It wouldn’t be surprising if Ferrari took the opportunity of the Horner case to attempt yet another assault on the “Genius”, who currently earns around 15 million euros“.

A dream pursued in Maranello for over 30 years that could be realised alongside another signing which, according to the Italian newspaper, could be secured: Pierre Waché, Technical Director of Red Bull, who had already been explored in the summer but at the time, together with Enrico Balbo, had decided to continue his adventure in Milton Keynes.

Meanwhile, the red might already have scored another coup. It would be the hiring of Pierre Waché, Newey’s right-hand man, who Ferrari had already explored last year, received a rejection. Now Waché is apparently giving serious consideration the idea of accepting.”

Waché, as often happens in these cases, could bring other engineers to Italy that very loyal to him, such as Enrico Balbo, or other junior figures, not negligible for the know-how in their possession, important for the rebirth of the Red.

There could be a window of opportunity to get Enrico Balbo, the head of Red Bull’s aerodynamics team, another Ferrari target, and a cascade of other names.”

A transition of engineers that could be facilitated by the arrival of Lewis Hamilton, an undoubtedly charismatic figure capable of convincing engineers to accept the same challenge as him.

President Elkann, by launching the Hamilton operation, has proved that he wants to bring the team back to the top, banking on the attractive force of the seven-time world champion to entice the engineers to move to Maranello.”