Red Bull: New front wing in Melbourne to seek aero efficiency

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Photo: Red Bull Content Pool

After a dominant 2022 season, with both world titles won without problems, the Red Bull team does not seem to be happy and satisfied at all. In 2023, in fact, they produced a car, the RB19, even better than the RB18 and capable of starting the new world championship in the same way in which the previous one had finished: dominating with two showdowns both in Bahrain and in Jeddah.

A first part of the championship which, objectively, shows the excellent skills of the Milton Keynes team, capable of building a very fast car, even overcoming the handicap of limiting hours in the wind tunnel (penalty for violating the budget cap in 2021). A start that, above all, showcases a team that is perfect in every component: from the technical staff to the drivers.

Well, despite what has just been said, the Red Bull staff still don’t seem happy with the car they have and the moment they are experiencing and, precisely this, they continue to bring new developments to the track to improve their single-seater.

Specifically, for the Australian GP Red Bull brought to the track a new version of the car’s front wing, useful for seeking greater aero efficiency. In fact, during FP1 at Albert Park, as mentioned, the new front wing appeared on the single-seater driven by Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez, on which the last two flaps were modified, now with a smaller angle of attack and with a reduced chord (especially on the last flap, keeping the will to obtain outwash effect). An upgrade to which, it must be said, is added the new ‘S’-shaped flap in the external area of ​​the endplate, unchanged in shape but reduced in width.