Ricciardo says it would be a “fairytale” for him to drive for Red Bull in F1 again

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AlphaTauri driver Daniel Ricciardo addresses the buzz surrounding a potential return to Red Bull in the upcoming Formula 1 seasons. Despite facing questions about the possibility, Ricciardo maintains a composed and optimistic stance, emphasizing the unexpected nature of such speculations.

When asked about the impact of these rumors on his mental game and preparation for the 2024 season, the Australian  responded:

“I definitely don’t see it as pressure. I think twelve months ago a lot of the rumours were more negatively directed towards me, and for me it is to be in a conversation again, whether it is a rumour or not.”

This statement truly showcases his experience in handling the speculative nature of Formula 1 media, especially as a former Red Bull driver.

Photo credit: Red Bull Content Pool

Reflecting on the surprising turn of events, he noted, “[People are asking] like ‘Oh could you be back in a Red Bull one day?’ ,” he said. “12 or 18 months ago I never could have thought that would even be kind of a conversation, even if it is just a rumour. I wouldn’t think that that kind of rumor would exist.”

Ricciardo’s words underline the unpredictability of his journey. The 34-year-old added, “That just makes me smile, I think it gives me a lot of encouragement that through the highs and lows and ups and downs, if you stay on the straight and narrow, crazy things can happen.”

Photo credit: Red Bull Content Pool

About the scenario of him returning to Red Bull, Ricciardo explained, “That would be a fairytale way to finish my career as a Red Bull driver but yeah, I still use the word fairytale because I know that it is certainly not even close to being guaranteed or anything.”

Expressing gratitude for his current position with AlphaTauri, Ricciardo stated, “I am very happy I’ve got a seat next year and I am very happy that they signed me when I was on the sideline crying about my hand. I just want to kick some butt.”