Sergio Perez on F1 in 2024: “However I start, it’s just important that weekend by weekend we keep evolving”

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Photo Credits: Red Bull Content Pool

Even though fourteen drivers of the current F1 grid have a contract which runs out at the end of 2024, there is a lot of speculation that none of the drivers will face as much pressure as Sergio Perez. However, should the Mexican find that his time at the pinnacle of motorsport does not continue in 2025, Formula E chief Alberto Longo has made clear he they would be very interested in seeing Perez in his championship. 

Sergio Perez was fully aware that if he could not win the F1 Drivers’ title in 2023, he would certainly have to finish runner up to his illustrious teammate, Max Verstappen, in the standings. Red Bull Racing Team Principal Christian Horner was constantly asked by media about how secure Perez’ seat was, and he would continually say that the expectation is there for him to finish runner up and with it make history for the Milton Keynes based racing outfit.

Perez played his part while his teammate enjoyed a third successive F1 Drivers’ World Championship. However, another year in F1 has arrived and inevitably so will the pressure on Perez. A Red Bull Racing seat in F1 is a hot property and there will be no shortage of interested parties vying for it. Within the Red Bull family alone, there is the talent of Yuki Tsunoda and Grand Prix winner Daniel Ricciardo for Perez to contend with.

A year is a long time in F1. No one knows that more than Sergio Perez who saw himself as a realistic title challenger having won two of the first Grands Prix of last season. Unfortunately, by the time the Qatar Grand Prix had concluded, Perez was low on confidence, and he had his team boss telling media that he needed to “go back to basics”.

Perez reflected on his state of mind at this time when he spoke to media during the final Grand Prix of the 2023 F1 season in Abu Dhabi.

“I was really in such a hole that we got together after Qatar, and we understood a lot of things we were doing with the car,” explained Perez. “That was really good on our side. It was bad that it happened, but in a way, it was also good because it strengthened our team quite a lot.”

Perez called the Qatar Grand Prix, the worst weekend that he could remember for a while in the sport – “probably my worst weekend ever in the sport.” Having had so many struggles, the popular Mexican racer was also able to convince himself that there must be more to the problem than the team realised because ‘I cannot be this bad’.

“We took the time to understand what was going on with the car. I needed to understand a lot of things that we were doing and to go into a lot of detail. The problems we had, made me understand a lot more about what I was doing with the setup, and which direction I needed to go when I got issues. It’s something that is definitely going to make us stronger.”

In his Abu Dhabi remarks, Perez explained that his season had seen him effectively go backwards as his side of the garage lacked progression throughout the season. With that in mind, Perez explained what his priority is for 2024 if he is to have any chance of competing on a regular basis with Verstappen.

“So that’s my main priority, to be able to progress through the season. However I start, it’s just important that weekend by weekend we keep evolving and keep getting better and better.” concluded Perez.


Obviously, Sergio Perez has more than enough talent to remain in Formula One, but should that not come to pass in 2025, the Mexican driver seems to already have another career path being offered to him.

Axis Mexico spoke to Formula E chief Alberto Longo ahead of the opening race of the 2024 Formula E season in Mexico. His remarks made clear that there is a clear desire for Perez to be ply his craft in the electric racecar category in coming years.

“I talk to Checo all the time, and I hope he makes the jump to real competition.” Longo quipped. “Formula E is his home, the doors are open and he is welcome, he has already raced with me once.”

Sergio Perez is not one to back away from a challenge and he has been faced with the prospect of losing a seat in F1 on more than one occasion. With WEC also gaining popularity, it is safe to presume that he would have plenty of offers if required. First and foremost, though, Sergio Perez is a Red Bull Racing driver in 2024 and all drivers start back on zero points. Verstappen clearly is in the form of his life and has the perfect car. Should Perez find form in the same car then who knows where he may be in a year’s time.