Photo Credit: Scuderia Ferrari

Carlos Sainz receives 4-year F1 contract proposal from Williams Racing

Carlos Sainz is a driver with two options for next year and beyond. The 29-year-old Spanish driver has multi-year deal offers on the table from Williams and Sauber/Audi as the new regulations in 2026 are coming quickly. In February Scuderia Ferrari confirmed that Lewis Hamilton would be joining their team in 2025, leaving Sainz out…

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Photo Credit: BWT Alpine F1 Team

Esteban Ocon a big contender for the second Audi F1 seat as talks take place

Esteban Ocon has emerged as a serious contender for the second Sauber/Audi seat, sources have confirmed to Pit Debrief. On Friday morning European time, it was confirmed by Haas that Nico Hülkenberg would be leaving team at the end of 2024. Minutes later, Sauber/Audi announced the German driver would be joining them for 2025 on…

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Photo Credit: MoneyGram Haas F1 Team

Nico Hülkenberg signs multi-year deal to join Sauber next year and work with Audi F1 from 2026

Nico Hülkenberg will leave Haas at the conclusion of the 2024 season. The 36-year-old German driver has signed a multi-year deal with the German manufacturer and will join the squad next year. Hülkenberg is no stranger to Sauber either. In their final year under that name before Audi take complete control, he will be one…

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Photo Credit: Audi Motorsport

Audi accelerates F1 team entry with Sauber takeover and Andreas Seidl appointment

With everything in the past months indicating that Audi will be making its entry into Formula 1 in 2026, they have officially confirmed plans to accelerate their takeover of the shareholding of Sauber Formula 1 team.  Audi has confirmed its intention to fast track the takeover of the Sauber team, with plans to join by…

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