Tsunoda says Red Bull F1 seat is “my first priority” as he continues “learning” from teammate Ricciardo

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Securing a Red Bull is Yuki Tsunoda’s “first priority” as question marks remain over the future of Mexico’s Sergio Perez.

RB F1 team formerly known as Scuderia AlphaTauri is known to promote its drivers within the two teams. Current three-time world champion, Max Verstappen is one of the products of the sister Red Bull team.

With Sergio Perez’s contract coming to an end by the end of the 2024 season, all eyes are on the RB drivers. Whoever impresses Red Bull’s advisor, Dr. Helmut Marko will be awarded with the second Red Bull seat.

Both RB drivers have the potential to clinch the second seat given that they perform well in the upcoming 2024 Formula One season.

Yuki Tsunoda, who has been linked with the Red Bull family since 2019, openly stated in Bahrain today that his one number priority is to clinch that seat.

However, he knows he must perform on track to impress Marko and co.

“Obviously, as a driver, if I get more interest from other teams, that’ll be great, It proves how well you drove and how much value you have from other teams.

“So that’s what I’m aiming for and obviously, my first priority will be Red Bull.

“It’s very tough. When you have a lot of patience, it’s good for negotiation but you need to show on the track and that’s how good you really are. So that’s where I’m focusing.”

Tsunoda has also stated he continues to learn from Daniel Ricciardo in regard to giving feedback.

The Aussie is also aiming for the seat currently occupied by Sergio Perez. He has been within the Red Bull family for far longer than Tsunoda and has seven wins and 29 podiums with the senior team from his previous spell.

“I think, also one of the things that teams value as well as [is feedback], rather than just keep shouting and giving feedback, he’s much better.

“So I’m just learning from that, especially, and Daniel, we know, from all of his teams that he’s fast. He won multiple grands prix and he’s definitely feeling much more comfortable with our car, compared to other cars.

“So I think he’s back to great shape but that’s also [what] I like. To challenge a fast driver.

“I think we also accept that we were sharing each other’s opinion for now. How much we can improve that car.

With Lewis Hamilton moving to Ferrari, the silly season has already begun since half of the current grid have their contracts expired by the end of this season. All drivers will either want to extend their contracts with their current team or find a new team. It all comes down to who can show what they are made of.