Van der Linde on four racecars in four championships including FE: “That’s what I dreamt of as a kid”

Photo Credit: Daniel Bürgin
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As Formula E set the tone in Berlin for the tenth time, Kelvin Van der Linde, ABT Cupra’s reserve driver, approaches the E-Prix with a calm demeanour, distancing himself from the usual pressures that accompany professional motorsport.

Having not raced in Formula E for over a year, Van der Linde is more focused on acclimatisation than on podium aspirations.

Van der Linde spoke on his stress-free outlook, “I don’t feel any pressure. I feel super relaxed,” he remarked.

His primary goal for the weekend is straightforward: to reintegrate smoothly into Formula E, ensure a clean race, and seamlessly pass the baton to his teammate Nico for the subsequent events.

“I haven’t driven [in Formula E] for a year and a half, so it’s really just about getting up to speed for myself, being comfortable, trying to have a good race without any damage, and then give the car back on Sunday evening to Nico for the next race.”

Photo credits: Formula E |Andrew Ferraro

However, Van der Linde’s commitments extend far beyond the confines of Berlin’s racetrack. He’s currently navigating a challenging six-week period marked by participation in four different racing championships, including high-profile races such as the Nürburgring and Le Mans.

This dense schedule is a fulfilment of a childhood dream, despite its inherent pressures. “It’s going to be a busy couple of weeks, but that’s what I dreamt of as a kid. You just adapt and have fun with it,” he explained.

Despite the global stage of his current engagements, Van der Linde maintains a special affinity for the DTM series, where he feels most at ease.

“I still like DTM. It’s like my home championship. I feel at home there, I feel comfortable,” he stated. This series, where he has spent much of his career, continues to resonate with him on a deeper level compared to his newer ventures in Formula E and other series.

Van der Linde’s ease in the German DTM environment contrasts with the more internationally flavoured paddocks of Formula E and the World Endurance Championship, where the settings are markedly more English and French.

This transition is something he is still adapting to, reflecting the broader adjustments required when switching between such diverse motorsport disciplines.