Verstappen: F1 Las Vegas GP “more for the show than the race itself”

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Next weekend’s race down the Las Vegas Strip is scheduled to be the first Saturday race since 1985. It will begin at 22:00 local time in the state of Nevada, and the Formula 1 drivers are already in preparation for it.

Photo Credit: Red Bull Content Pool

The event marks the first time F1 has raced in Las Vegas since 1982, when the second and last race was held in the Caesars Palace parking lot.

However, F1 plans to create a long-term presence in the city this time along with the construction of a specially designed paddock. The 2023 season World Champion Max Verstappen isn’t particularly excited about the prospect, though.

Verstappen is more of the opinion that the only reason that Formula 1 is visiting Las Vegas is “for the show”, rather than any sort of sporting purpose.

“First of all, we are there more for the show than the race itself, looking at the layout of the circuit,” he said.

He believes the cold evening conditions could boost the drama for the season’s headline event.

“It’s going to be very different, very low temperatures, of course in the night there,

it’s a street circuit we have no experience, we don’t know the track grip.

“All new, so maybe it will give you a few surprises. I don’t know.”

The Dutchman stated that, with a brand-new track set to open for Formula 1 next week, he still has quite a few things to learn before the race as it was difficult to navigate his virtual experience of the Las Vegas venue.

The 26-year-old admitted he has had a few accidents while playing the F1 23 game.

“I still need to go on the simulator. I still don’t even know the track, to be honest.

“The last time I tried it on the F1 game, I think I hit more walls than I was going straight, so, let’s hope that’s not the case when I start driving there,” he added.

“It depends for whom and for what” was he response when asked if the event would be helpful to Formula 1.

“In terms of racing spectacle, maybe not, but maybe in terms of potential partners for F1, and the whole show around it, but again, I’m not into it.”

Photo Credit: Red Bull Content Pool