Verstappen unbothered by F1 jabs from the Mercedes camp: “Maybe there is a bit of jealousy at play”

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The Mercedes vs. Red Bull media battle wages on as Max Verstappen responds to remarks made by Toto Wolff and Lewis Hamilton.

Verstappen made history when he picked up his tenth consecutive victory at the Italian Grand Prix.

Photo credit: Red Bull Content Pool

Asked to comment on the record-breaking feat, Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff offered a tepid response, stating that the achievement is “for Wikipedia” and, well, “nobody reads that anyway.”

Hamilton added that in his opinion, the Dutch champion never faced a teammate of the same caliber as some of own teammates, past and present.

Speaking to the media in Singapore, Verstappen assured that the comments made by his competitors don’t bother him.

“I sleep very well. I just don’t think that little jabs like this belong in the sport. We didn’t do it when we were in their position, but to each their own.

“I’m not losing any sleep over it. I’m doing my own thing, go back home after the weekend, doing my own thing there as well without a lot of Formula 1 on my mind.”

It seems the two camps are not yet ready to bury the hatchet; Verstappen responded to Hamilton’s remark with a tit for tat quip of his own.

“Hamilton’s remarks weren’t really nice towards my former teammates, but there is some irony in the fact that after his interview in Monza he was outqualified by a lot of them.”

“I’m not focused on other people, but on my own performance,”

“I respect the dominance of others and Lewis’s world titles in the past. In my opinion it shouldn’t be about someone’s teammates. It should be about your own performance, how you perform and how you work together with your team. The rest is irrelevant.

“Maybe there is a bit of jealousy at play as well. Good for Netflix? I don’t really care about that either.”