Luis Morales

Photo Credit: Scuderia Ferrari

“A tricky day, but we managed to get it done” — Carlos Sainz on battling illness in F1 Saudi Arabia practice

Formula 1 isn’t just about raw speed and perfect technique; it’s a sport that demands resilience and unwavering determination. Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz demonstrated this in spades at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, fighting through illness to compete on one of the calendar’s most demanding circuits. His ordeal began when he was forced to cancel media…

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“We need to look at what the outcomes are, and what it means for F1”, says Toto Wolff on Horner’s case

In the high-energy world of F1, where the roar of engines and the thrill of speed captivate millions, the actions and ethics of its leading figures are under scrutiny more than ever. Amidst the glamour, a serious conversation has been triggered by Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff, following the investigation into Red Bull team boss…

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