FE championship leader Nick Cassidy on his strong 2024 form: “It’s certainly not going to be easy to continue like this”

Photo credits: Formula E | Simon Galloway
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After three very successful first outings for Jaguar, Nick Cassidy is leading the Formula E standings with three podiums to his name. The Kiwi driver discussed his very good form, and how he has been dealing with the seven weeks long break before the Brazil E-Prix:

It’s a bit of a strange one, but I feel like it’s also an opportunity for us to keep working on development and any points of focus from the first couple of races. Obviously results wise it’s been perfect, more or less I would say, it’s very hard to achieve this run in Formula E, so that’s been great.”

The former Envision driver admitted that the stop actually has come at the right moment, as him and his team now have time to debrief all the data collected from the first rounds before the crucial part of the year:

“But in terms of setup, good controls, our own systems and procedures there are always things that we want to do better. Being in a new relationship, it has given us the opportunity to review that and try to improve.

“In a way, I felt kind of similar with the off season last year, where I had felt like I had a lot of momentum at the end of last year’s championship, I felt really good when we finished in London so I was almost wanting Season 10 to start straight away,” added Cassidy, who had won the final event of the 2023 season.

I’m happy that I’ve kind of picked up on that on a similar note, but it’s certainly not going to be easy to continue like this, that’s for sure.”

Photo credits: Formula E | Simon Galloway

Asked about his first impressions about his new team after some very successful early runs, Cassidy mentioned that in spite of the very positive result he had raked up in his debut for Jaguar, at that time he had been lacking feeling with his car:

“I’m feeling good. I mean, Mexico, to be honest, I’m still surprised that we secured a podium there. I was uncomfortable, I was actually kind of shocked by how uncomfortable I was in Mexico actually, I had mentioned something post race.”

By the time of the first double header of the season, however, Cassidy, who had already driven a Jaguar powered car in the past season due to Envision’s partnership with the British team led by James Barclay, got the hang of his new challenger:

“We made huge steps in Diriyah, it felt back to normal for me and more in line with my feelings from the end of last season.”

“Just to have that result on the board it has kind of made everyone on the team pretty relaxed, we’re not feeling like we have to force any relationships, or anything like that. We all know that we can perform well, we all know that we can work together. And now, it’s business as usual, I’d say,” he concluded, feeling positive about the rest of the season.