Ferrari teases excitement with upcoming F1 Miami GP livery: A blend of iconic blues

Photo Credit: Scuderia Ferrari
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Scuderia Ferrari has announced that they will be unveiling their special livery for the upcoming 2024 Miami Grand Prix, featuring two classic shades of blue – Azzurro La Plata and Azzurro Dino.

This will help to commemorate their 70th anniversary in America’s marketplace. Ferrari has not raced with a blue livery since the 1964 USA and Mexican Grands Prix when they replaced their iconic Rosso Corsa for the final two races of the campaign. 

These shades of blue will be used as a nod to Ferrari’s history with the lighter shade, Azzurro La Plata, representing the national racing colour of Argentina — current FIFA Men’s World Cup Winners — and the colour commonly worn by Formula One great Alberto Ascari during his most successful Formula One seasons. This shade was also used in the race suits of many Ferrari drivers in the 1960s. 

The darker shade, Azzurro Dino, was another shade commonly chosen by drivers, with Clay Regazzoni being the final one to wear a blue suit before the transition to the red suits we all know and love. 

Ferrari has also released content on their social media channels, showcasing their new blue collection ahead of the Miami Grand Prix including button-up shirts, caps and varsity-style jackets. Amongst the new collection, Ferrari has also shown sneak peeks of new blue race suits and race boots for the Grand Prix weekend. 

Social media has seen an influx of hype and excitement over the upcoming unveiling of this livery, even before a livery reveal date has been announced. Ferrari has received massive amounts of positive feedback and love regarding the large change to their livery, new race suits and new blue Miami collection. 

Ferrari has not confirmed the extent to which the blue will be added to their livery so now the conversation surrounds whether the livery will feature just a touch of these blue shades, or whether we may be treated to an entirely blue livery.