FIA reveals 2025 F1 calendar with again 24 races and six sprints, and a returning host for the opener

Photo credit: Scuderia Ferrari
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The FIA and Formula 1 have revealed the calendar for the 2025 season today, and with again 24 races, six of which are the controversial sprints, it promises to be yet another jam-packed season. Even more so since the season-opener will be held two weeks later than this year, with the Abu Dhabi finale being held in the same weekend, meaning just 38 weeks span the entire season.

There are some changes compared to this year however, as the season-opener does return to Melbourne, reinstating a tradition most fans will welcome with open arms. With the Chinese Grand Prix being held the week after, swapping its spot with Suzuka, the drivers and mechanics start off with a doubleheader, followed by a Japan-Bahrain-Saudi Arabia tripleheader. According to Formula 1 the races on the Arab peninsula were again rescheduled to facilitate the Ramadan, which also means they will be regular Sunday races again.

After the oddly positioned Miami Grand Prix the circus lands in Europe for the second triple header, going from Imola to Barcelona to Monaco. The Spanish Grand Prix has swapped with Canada compared to this year, placing it almost a month earlier on the calendar.

The Canadian Grand Prix then sits in its traditional mid-June slot, just before the Spielberg-Silverstone doubleheader. A three week break brings us then to the Belgium-Hungary doubleheader to lead in the summer break. This means Spa and the Hungaroring have swapped places.

After the mandatory summer closure the sequence of races is the same as this year, albeit with a more sensible spread in the latter stages of the championship. This means the teams first head to the dunes for the Dutch Grand Prix, which doubleheads with the Italian Grand Prix, to conclude the European part of the season. Next up are the races in Baku and Singapore are on the calendar, followed by the final doubleheader of 2025, consisting of the Mexico-City and US Grands Prix.

After a layover in São Paulo the teams round up their 2025 campaign with a triple header that goes from Las Vegas via Qatar to Abu Dhabi, which despite its usually underwhelming races can now be considered the traditional spot for the end of the season.

So to summarise: the 2025 Formula 1 championships are contested over 24 Grand Prix weekends on five different continents. There are 6 sprints, 3 tripleheaders and 5 doubleheaders to add to an already grueling schedule for the drivers and, more importantly, the mechanics. And with the announcement of races in Madrid and interest from Germany and South-Korea to host races again, the question remains whether the amount of Grands Prix will stay the same.

Photo credit: Red Bull Content Pool