Formula E | Monaco E-Prix | What the drivers said after Monaco E-Prix

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After 119 overtakes in one race, how do the drivers reflect on their performance in Monaco? Let’s have a look.

Credit: Formula E Media Bank / Sam Bagnall

What a spectacle in Monaco we’ve had. Fantastic battles from start to finish, the whole day kept us on our toes. Duels, penalties, crashes and points, Formula E never disappoints. After such a remarkable round, what did the drivers have to say?

Nick Cassidy, Envision Racing:

We’re not sure what to even say anymore for the top 2 of this race, as we feel like they’re included in every E-Prix review we’ve done so far. Cassidy just gets the job done, and finishes in P1 for the second time in a row this season. Encouraged by the results from Berlin, it seems like there is no stopping of the Kiwi now. The task at hand might not be as easy as it seems, but Cassidy and his team of Envision Racing are doing everything to bring home the results – and it shows. Phenomenal stuff from the team and remarkable performance from Cass.

There’s a long way to go. This guy, Mitch Evans (Jaguar TCS Racing), showed today how strong he is. So it’s going to be a really cool fight. But for the moment, let’s enjoy the fact we won in Monaco. I led too early and was too aggressive at points. I am still developing my craft. These guys in the top three are as well. It got to a stage where I knew we were fighting Mitch and Jake Dennis (Avalanche Andretti) for the win. But how do you position yourself? What moves do you make? And how do you see it playing out? We saw the end result of the last three laps, but that’s the work done from 20 laps ago in this category. I’m enjoying it at the moment.

Credit: Formula E Media Bank / LAT Images

Mitch Evans, Jaguar TCS Racing:

Just like with Cassidy, it’s hard to say anything groundbreaking when Evans keeps his eye on the championship fight and gets on the podium for the past four races. It seems the performance of the Jaguar factory team is not yet on the level of their customer Envision, but as we know, everything can happen in Formula E. As Evans said himself, Cassidy took the opportunity at the moment Mitch didn’t expect and this risk paid off for the other Kiwi. Nevertheless, Jaguar is on a mission too, although Evans’ teammate Sam Bird is not doing as great as his Kiwi counterpart – but maybe it’s just a matter of time.

It’s been a solid day. Ultimately every race you turn up and you want to win so I am a little disappointed, particularly as it’s Monaco. However, if you look at the bigger picture, it’s a great haul of points and huge credit to Nick – he overtook me at the right time when I wasn’t expecting it. We still did a really great job and the whole team should be proud of themselves. There are still a lot of opportunities left this season and we’ll be giving it our all to keep moving forwards.

Credit: Formula E Media Bank / LAT Images

Jake Dennis, Avalanche Andretti:

Well, that a result Dennis can definitely be happy with. After starting the race from P11, the Monaco E-Prix went phenomenal for Dennis, which is something that can’t be said about his teammate Lotterer who DNF’d from the race. Nevertheless, strong performance from the Brit and keeping his head down at moments it mattered the most resulted in another podium, second time in a row. Dennis picked up the momentum again in Berlin after a few races of not scoring any points, but it seems the Avalanche Andretti driver is on a roll again and still in contention for the championship title.

Back on the podium, two races in a row again. I think I had to make it up to the boys after hitting the wall in my first lap. We had a car to start in the front two rows today. Mistake on my behalf, so I think I have some beer money for sure tonight to repay them! Super happy but a little disappointed in certain ways, we had the most efficient car but we didn’t quite optimize it with leading at the right point. It is a bit frustrating that you have 2% more than the cars in front but can’t do anything about it. Nevertheless really happy and we are back in the title hunt for sure – looking forward to celebrating with the boys tonight and enjoying it.

Credit: Formula E Media Bank / Simon Galloway

Sacha Fenestraz, Nissan Formula E:

Great results from one of the three rookies on the grid this season. An incredible qualifying, after which he eventually started the race from second on the grid after his time was deleted, he managed to stay and fight in the front of the pack and bring home a P4 result. If you’ve read out race review and watched the race you’ll know that it was a very strong weekend for Nissan in general, both the factory and the customer team of McLaren. Nevertheless, Fenestraz managed to keep it cool and not make any mistakes at times it mattered the most, resulting in his best finish so far this season.

A really positive weekend overall, with a fantastic qualifying session. It might not officially be our pole but I see it as ours, as we set the fastest lap and only lost it due to an overuse of power. Still, we were very happy to be starting on the front row. Our strategy could have been a little bit better, but we’re pleased with our pace and to be back fighting at the front. We picked up a really strong haul of points today, the team is working hard and we’ll keep pushing for the rest of the season.

Credit: Formula E Media Bank / Simon Galloway

Max Günther, Maserati MSG Racing:

Last but not least – another disappointing result for Maserati MSG and Max Günther. Max didn’t manage to finish the race due to contact with Dan Ticktum at around lap 21. His teammate Mortara didn’t manage to score any points either, as he finished the race on P11. Gunther seemed incredibly strong this weekend, making it to the duels but eventually having to give in to Jake Hughes in the McLaren, but still starting the race in a fantastic P4. He managed to stay in the Top 10 for the majority of the race, and if not the contact with Ticktum, he’d deliver strong points for Maserati, something the team desperately needs at this point. After all, the team had to come to terms with another defeat this weekend. What a shame.

Today started really well for us, being fast and competitive in both practice sessions. Qualifying was great for me too, putting the car on the second row of the grid. We achieved our goals in this regard, and then tried to manage a good race. For sure, there are things that we can review but we were looking for a top five result today, which I think was realistic. It’s very hard to accept, being taken out by a competitor like we did today, but we need to accept it and move forward.

Credit: Formula E Media Bank / Sam Bloxham

This pretty much rounds up Monaco E-Prix . We’ve got a bit of a break now until the double header in Jakarta at the beginning of June, but don’t forget to check Pitdebrief every week as we’ve got some things lined up for you. Until then, don’t forget: enjoy the race, wherever you are ✨