Haas F1 bases in Italy and the UK working “a lot more together” under Komatsu, says the team’s new technical director

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Following the return of Simone Resta to Ferrari at the conclusion of the 2023 season, Haas appointed Andrea De Zordo as their technical director earlier this month. He was previously Chief Designer at the team.

The Italian previously worked in F1 for Minardi, McLaren and Ferrari.

As well as his own change within the Haas structure, the big story at the team over the winter was the departure of Guenther Steiner as team boss. He was replaced by Ayao Komatsu, the team’s former chief race engineer.

Speaking in Bahrain on the last day of testing, De Zordo explained how the Japanese engineer is now putting his own stamp on the team.

“Some changes will happen for sure. As ever, everything happens very, very fast.
Now, we are still making some changes. We are still looking for a replacement in some positions.”

Haas has a base at Maranello, the home of their power unit suppliers Ferrari. They also have a factory in Banbury, England.

Intriguingly, De Zordo explained how pleased he is with in regard to how things are working between those bases in Italy and the United Kingdom since Komatsu took the reigns as team principal.

“I think the best thing that I’m seeing now is the structure between Italy and the UK. They work a lot more together. You can feel the benefit of it. This one is probably the main change for the moment.”

Guenther Steiner was the team principal of Haas from its founding day until his shock departure during the winter break. While he was extremely popular with his humour and charm on Drive to Survive, he lacked knowledge on the technical side.

This is something Komatsu brings to the team. De Zordo approves of it.

“For sure, they are two different people. Ayao is a lot more technical. And so, at the end, he’s even more involved in what is happening.

“As I said, the very good thing that I’m seeing is that he’s putting a lot of effort to let the people work together. Honestly, I feel and like this thing.

“And also, with the engineer side in the UK, now there is a lot more discussion and involvement with each other in the studies, in the direction to take.

“I think this one is the main thing.”

Lastly, De Zordo believes the team’s new boss is capable of moving the squad forward.

“For the moment, I have a good feeling, yes.”