Horner: “Stability of regulations” the key to bringing all teams closer together

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Photo Credit: Red Bull Content Pool

Red Bull is definitely making history, with a car that has no equal on the track and has dominated since the new era of Formula One began last year.

If in recent seasons there has been more competition, this year the RB19 stole the show and will in all probability lead the two-time world champion, Max Verstappen, to conquer his third consecutive title.

Given the brilliant results, the Austrian team based in Milton Keynes is already focusing on next season’s car, also because the team principal believes that Red Bull’s dominance will not last long, with the other teams reducing the gap, also thanks to the stability of the current regulations.

“That’s not my job, my job is to win,” he stated in response to a question about concerns of Red Bull’s domination seeing TV audiences fall.

“The one thing that we know from this sport is that things will converge — you can already see it starting to happen — and the most important thing to have convergence is stability.

“And stability of regulations will bring all of the teams much closer together. You can see this is already starting to happen. It’s not going to be another seven years of domination,” he added.

“The power units are all fairly similar now and the chassis evolve much quicker than the engines do. So I think we can already see from the start of the season to now that things are already converging.”

Max Verstappen — after the team’s 11th consecutive win — and Lando Norris following the British GP. Photo Credit: formula1.com

When asked about teams that are trying to replicate the RB19, including McLaren, he said that it’s “inevitable” that their results will affect the rest of the grid. He also added that it’s “fairly logical” for this to happen, when they have a car able to pull off those kind of performances.

“It’s inevitable that will happen, and why wouldn’t you when you have got a car that is performing like ours? It’s fairly logical that you look to emulate it, which some teams have chosen to do,” Horner said.

McLaren have performed strongly at the last two races. The big test of their updates will come in Hungary as there is a lot more slower corners at the Hungaroring.

“I think their performance [McLaren’s] at this circuit has been very strong, but it will be very interesting to see how that pans out over the next few races.”