“It’s something that will be fascinating to watch” — Perez on F1 fight at the front as McLaren and Ferrari close in on Red Bull

Photo Credit: Red Bull Content Pool
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As the Formula One circus descends on Monaco for this week’s Grand Prix, Sergio Perez is worried about two specific issues: Ferrari and McLaren threatening Red Bull, and his upcoming contract.

While Red Bull have been the dominant force of the last few years, they don’t hold much a big advantage right now. Red Bull won all but one race last year, and now other teams have already won 2 combined over only 7 races, with Norris pushing Verstappen right to the flag at Imola.

The Mexican’s contract expires this year, meaning that he could be out of a seat at season’s end.

He took the time to address both concerns in the leadup to the Monaco Grand Prix, stating that McLaren and Ferrari will continue to pose a threat and maybe that Red Bull are the ones without the fastest car now.

“I think they will be in the mix, definitely,” Perez said. “They will be very hard to beat, actually. But at the same time I do expect other teams to be a surprise, because given how small the margins are in qualifying, here I’m sure some of the midfield teams will be able to put a great lap together and be in the mix as well.”

Perez mentioned that the always important qualifying in Monaco will be even more important to hold off the advancing Ferraris and McLarens. It’s extremely rare to win from outside the front row in Monte Carlo, although Perez did it in mixed conditions two years ago.

“I know pretty much it’s all down to Saturday. If we are not on the front row, or third, we don’t have a chance of winning the race. So it’s important to be able to get in that first or second row at least.

“I think they’re just closing up a lot and we have to make sure that we do the same — we get a good upgrade. We haven’t put a massive upgrade on the car just yet, so they seem to be closing the gap.

“It’s great, also — I think we all want to see how McLaren and Ferrari perform with a car that they’re capable of winning races. I think it’s something that will be fascinating to watch.”

Finally, regarding his contract and the length of it, Perez said the main thing he is focusing on is this weekend as he looks to bounce back from a tough weekend at Imola.

“It’s not like a percentage or anything like that — until you sign it doesn’t matter how close you are,” he said. “And anyway the focus right now is not on my contract, it’s mainly on this weekend.

“I know that negotiations are underway and at some point we will know and you will be the first ones to know. But most important now is not to think about one year or two years or three years, it’s about this weekend on Saturday — that’s my full focus.”