Mercedes, Alpine BWT and Red Bull reveal their release date

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Almost two months have passed since the last F1 race of the 2023 season took place in Abu Dhabi. A season in which Max Verstappen dominated without giving any other member of the grid, including his team-mate, a chance.

Since then, there have been a number of news regarding the 2024 season, many of which have to do with team structures and changes in team members, including team principals.

However, one of the most anticipated news is often the release dates of the liveries, because although this is not directly related to the performance of the teams, the way a car looks has a lot to do with the way we relate to the teams, sometimes if we like the design of a car, there can be a tendency to support the team or buy team merchandise.

As of today, 6 of the 10 teams on the grid have revealed the release date of their liveries: Williams, Kick Sauber, Aston Martin, Ferrari and today: Mercedes and Alpine.

The Brackley-based team has decided to unveil its livery for next season on 14 February at Silverstone. The team led by Toto Wolff, unlike others, has decided to play with the colours since 2020, at times the main colour has been silver and at others, the main colour has been black, the latter fin support of the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

There are different opinions on which colour would be the better fit for Mercedes, but the fact that there is more than one possibility with regard to the chosen colours generates a lot of expectation.

Photo: Mercedes AMG Petronas

For its part, Alpine has also revealed its launch date: 7 February. That’s right, on February the 7th we will know the design of the car of the Enstone-based team, who will be participating in their fourth season in F1.

Since 2022, the French team has had BWT as one of their head sponsors, affecting teh finaly layout of the team’s challenger.

In fact, the livery has been blue with important parts in pink and even completely pink in some races, which leaves open the possibility that the main colour of the car could be either of the two. However, it is most likely that blue will be the dominant one.

Alpine will also introduce the team’s WEC programme and hypercar to run in the championship during the same event.

The latest to announce a date were championship winners Red Bull, who will showcase the livery that feature on Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez’s cars for the first time on the 15th of February

Historically, the team led by Christian Horner has never steered too much away from its signature navy blue look, featuring the prominent red branding, but there have been interesting one-off additions over the course of the years, including a bright purple moment.

With just three weeks to go until the first unveilings, there are still three teams who have yet to disclose their release date.